Ready or not, here I grow....


He's napping next to me right this second, so I have a few minutes to jot down some thoughts. How is my baby already 4 months? How. Did. That. Happen?? I stare at him. I want to memorize his face and expressions and hands and feet. I'm a tad emotional right now because my mom was here last week helping me while I worked and she just left for the airport. I will forever be jealous of people that have their parents in town. I'm grateful, though, Hayden has been able to meet and spend time with all his grandparents even though they aren't in LA. And we have our village here: I've been blessed with friends that are going through the same journey and some friends that are great "aunts and uncles."  

Hayden changes and grows faster than I could have ever imagined. Example: when I was pregnant, I read about the stages of growth for babies. I remembered that he would be able to reach and grab things around 16-17 weeks. That sounded so far away to me back then. But, I saw him evolving and perfecting his hand eye coordination. And, it all came together this morning. I was holding him and chewing a piece of gum. I absentmindedly blew a bubble and he reached up, grabbed it, popped it and laughed. He's this little human being now with his own mind and sense of humor. My favorite is when he laughs so hard, he squeals and startles himself, then laughs again. 

Ready or not, my little one is growing! He's in sizes up to 6 months now. While my mom was here, we went through his clothes. We sorted out all the little outfits that don't fit him anymore (cue the sighs) and brought out the bigger sizes I had stored. As hard as it is to realize he is no longer a "newborn," I keep reminding myself of all the fun phases yet to come: he played piano with his Dad for the first time! And some not-so-fun: we've just entered teething!! Poor thing. 

shop the post below! (as well as a few of our new favorite things and I couldn't resist adding in a few girl items...go ahead and scroll through!) ps- the elephant in the picture above is a very similar one to the one I linked below.