I’m grateful for all of you who have gone before me and can share your pregnancy secrets. Nothing really prepares you for the journey of pregnancy (then motherhood), but there are a few sure fire tips that have been helpful.  I’m just shy of 8 months and so far, so good on the stretch mark front. I haven’t been as disciplined as I’d like, but I try to slather on the creams almost everyday (some people suggest twice a day). This stuff isn’t cheap, so I combined efforts.  I'm using a higher potency stretch mark cream or THIS new product Mama Belly Oil I am also loving!  And a couple of times a week, I add a drop or two of Sunday Riley’s face oil for extra hydration. (It’s expensive, so I use it sparingly, but it is worth the investment and an amazing product to wear under makeup for that special “glow.”  I also love the HydroCool Serum from IS Clinical  mixed with my foundation for this same purpose, btw!).

What other “body game-changers” can you share? Please, I’d love to know!


And by the way, I have LIVED in prism sport workout wear (shown in picture) during this entire pregnancy. I love how the "hold my tummy" in a bit when I hike or walk or lounge, etc.