Is BACK the new FRONT?

I'm loving some of these summer dresses that really make a statement once you turn around...and show some back! 

I'm definitely wearing some maternity pieces now, but I also find these non-maternity maxi dresses (one of my favorites with POCKETS is THIS DRESS - which will sell out soon at this price!) are really fun to wear now and they will also work for the rest of the summer when I'm NOT pregnant. Maxi dresses are meant to flow and hang, but obviously they are tighter and show the bump when you're pregnant. Although I'm now really enjoying feeling the baby inside me (I mean, he kicks ALL the time!) and being pregnant, I'm learning how to draw attention to other areas of the body if I don't want all the attention on my growing belly (like for work). It's a good, easy technique I learned long ago...For instance, if I'm not loving my lower body, then I could wear halter-style dresses and draw the eye up to the shoulders. Or vice-versa. I also love dresses that have detail in the back or showcase the back more than the front, like this one. Or the comfy pictured dress below ( under $40!!) that I wore in Santa Barbara on our BabyMoon a couple of weeks ago.  It justifies me throwing my hair up in knot, pony or bun, too!  

ps- share your favorite dresses or tips in the comments section. And if anyone tries out an outfit I've posted, I'd love to showcase it here, so let us know.

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