What's in my (HOSPITAL) bag?

I procrastinated until the last minute to pack our hospital bags. I kept putting it off for some reason. I guess I kept believing I had more time than I actually did. As my due date approached, I convinced myself I would go way passed that day.  But, the night before I went into labor, I had the weirdest feeling and began to pack a bag.... And the main thing I'm so glad I remembered to add are these pajamas!

It was so nice to have cute, seriously comfortable pajamas that doubled as "outfits" as visitors popped by.  I can't tell you how many compliments I got these two sets...and full disclosure, I washed and wore them constantly the days that followed once we got home.  I loved how they made me feel a little more put together than I actually was/am!  The fabrics felt so nice to cuddle up little Hayden our first night in the hospital, too. These two sets come with robes (with pockets!) and nursing tops, bottoms and matching gown and cap for baby. I can't think of a better gift to get or give someone going into the hospital (or going home with a new baby). 

                                                            See?--- wearing the    nursing top and bottoms    here! 

                                                            See?--- wearing the nursing top and bottoms here!