"Fall"ing For Flats (and they're under $60 at Fall #NSale)

I've never in my life gone out of my way to find flats. My girlfriend from high school, Michele Bell, gave me flats for my baby shower. She warned me as a new mom I would wear them out. These particular ones in the photo above come in many patterns and colors. I love a great neutral color, too, though.  I enjoy the added interest of the ties up the calves. Plus, they work now in the summer and will work well in the fall with the closed pointed toe.

Below, I've linked a few of my other favorite flats (already ordered some!) that are part of #NSale at Nordstroms! Take a peek. Note that prices are only reflected once on the site, not listed below with the pictures. And Ps- a bit obsessed with these Felicity and Coco dresses. Tonight, I'm wearing this strapless one (you can barely see it above in the photo above, but look how cool the back is in the picture to the right). I threw it on right after I pumped for a quick date night. It's under $80. I wore several of them while I was pregnant, too... since they're non-maternity, they work even better now post-preg. Because I'm breastfeeding and need support with the strapless dress, I am wearing this bandeaualso a part of the #NSale.  

Have a great night, everyone!