Monday got me feeling like...!!! (a few of our favorites from the first two months)

I'm taking note of the items we've loved in these first couple months. (And by the way, I woke up yesterday with tears in my eyes. He's already two months!!) I had no idea when I registered for Hayden what we would end up using all the time and what we wouldn't. It's hard to come up with a registry when you don't know if your child will really use certain items or not. Each baby is different, but the more I commiserate with other moms, there are some universally popular items...Of course, I could put a thousand things on the list (and will do a more extensive post on this at some point soon). 

The 4 Moms Mamaroo we have enjoyed daily. It makes a great shower gift, especially if a group of friends want to go in together! Another item moms swear by (and I'm understanding why) is the Fisher Price Snugabunny.  Portable, compact, and the babes love to lounge. 

I'm adding a few items that we use daily in the gallery below. We're loving Hayden's activity grow-with-me center. It's so affordable and we use it every day for tummy time and stimulation/play time. And, if you follow some of our pictures, you'll notice his WubbaNub in quite a few.** That elephant Wubbanub, I can't ever forget, no pun intended! 

I swear, I'd never get a blog post written if it weren't for the ergo carrier. Hayden loves  lounging/hanging out with me at a coffee shop or lunch, then usually dozes off for awhile and I get to work! Not sure how much longer I'll be able to do this while he is so well behaved, so I'm taking advantage now.