I wish I could show you what I look like right now... you know...I might try because I just finished breastfeeding and putting Hayden down in his HaloI am now pumping while I'm trying to write this post and shop the last days of the #NSALE! And I need some advice. I haven't kept it a secret that I had some issues with breastfeeding, proper latching and pain. Now, I'm having trouble with milk supply. He's totally getting fed! I'm just supplementing with formula if he's still hungry after I breast feed him- mainly at night.  I'm drinking a lot more water (I was drinking plenty before, but I guess this process requires an abundant amount of H2O) and adding fenugreek oil.  However, does anyone have any advice? One consultant recommended a hospital grade pump to increase supply.  Thoughts?

Also, did anyone else feel like they were gaining weight after they initially lost some of the pregnancy pounds? Is this due to breast feeding? Of course, he's worth all of it a million times over! Just curious if there were something else I should be doing/know about. Like more cardio (ha!!)!

I have more questions, but perhaps I should start with these two topics first. Both are fairly big conversations!  Hope you all had a good start to the weekend. xo