Mom Life- the things we get excited about now, my how times have changed!

Last week, Marque Communications (thanks, y'all!) invited us to an event hosted by 4 Moms and Tesla launching the world's first self installing car seat! If you've ever installed a car seat, this is exciting news. We made a date night out of it! Actually, we picked up Amy Davidson and her husband Kacy and made a double date out of it. It wouldn't be such a big deal to us, except this was the first time we had all been out of the house without the babies together. The event and its sponsors supported Safe Kids Worldwide.

I wanted to wear something easy and effortless that was also slimming and forgiving.  I forgot how much I love pink and navy until I put on this Felicity and CoCo dress. The necklace is fun and so affordable for the style and type. It sold out, but is now back in stock. It's one extra long bezel station necklace that I wrapped around twice.  I really love these pieces for layering or by themselves. It's just delicate enough to feel feminine, but still make a statement.  I'm quickly learning there's a time and a place to wear it, though. Hayden is getting big and strong enough to grab hold of it!!