#FBF to our First Travel Experience (and what helped us along the way)

We are back and settled from Hayden's first plane ride to visit the grandparents in Texas. It's so stressful to fly for the first time with your infant! But, now that we have this landmark under our belts, I feel like I could do it again. It's daunting being out of our element, but worth every second we get to spend with family and friends from home.

Hayden got to see his aunts (my sister, and my mom's sisters that came out for the the shower) and meet his Uncle Zach for the first time! It was a really special time. Confession: I am SO SO SO jealous of people that have their parents and siblings nearby when they start a family. I'm so grateful we have my husband's sweet brother and sister-in-law (and their darling daughter)! Otherwise, all our family is out of state! I miss them so much, my mom is coming out next week while I'm filming again and my sister will be out the week after! 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I cheated on the traveling. I waited until I had my family members to go with me and help. But, I was also armed with this travel system stroller and car seat by Britaxx. It's so nice to use a stroller that was light but sturdy- pictured above. Also pictured is my "uniform," as I call it.  Stretchy, comfy jeans with a nursing top. I've talked about this nursing top so much and it's sold out at the moment (but comes back in stock soon! It came back in stock a few weeks ago, only to sell out again!). It's a slight investment, but I must say, I wear it in blue (and red) ALL THE TIME. Plus, I wash and dry them constantly. The discreet zippers on the side of this Loyal Hana's tops make breastfeeding anytime and anywhere very doable. I wore it on the plane (to breastfeed taking off and landing for his little ears). There are other nursing tops and dresses that I'm wearing right now, too...so check them out. The last time I shot GH and had to nurse and pump, I loved this nursing hoodie from Olian pictured HERE in this post. I'm wearing that one now! 

Also pictured is my convertible backpack/messenger diaper bag. It's sleek and solid black (I got it while I was still pregnant and it doubled as a computer bag before Hayden was born) and most importantly, so easy to wash after we spilled all over it on the plane. My girlfriend gave me a tip to  have a separate bag just for changing diapers inside the diaper bag. So, I had a freezer bag zip lock with wipes, diaper changing pads and diapers. I actually used this theory of zip lock freezer size bags for a myriad of things to organize the diaper bag. Really glad I did! Do y'all have any genius traveling tips? Please let me know.

 I literally cannot get over how sad he looks leaving my parents' house! this was our last day in Texas. 

 I literally cannot get over how sad he looks leaving my parents' house! this was our last day in Texas. 

Of course, we couldn't leave Texas without our "HOME" onesie (which they make for your state, too, for under $20!). Pretty sure we'll be grabbing these for Xmas presents this year for our other friends with babies.  It was a bit of a struggle with dad, though, considering he's from Oklahoma! I think I'll have one made with the OK state that says "almost home!" ha.