Gathering the group at our Friendsgiving Dinner / photo: Mattheus Spinelli

Gathering the group at our Friendsgiving Dinner / photo: Mattheus Spinelli

First of all, I have to say thank you to you all. Thank you for visiting this site and going down this journey with me. Secondly, thank you for your patience when life gets hectic and I don't get to post everything I'd like. 

I've written about cooking (and attempting to cook) lately. But, preparing a meal for Joel and the boys is a bit different than cooking for friends and relatives. 

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Chaka Fairbanks, VP Operations, GrubMarket

Chaka Fairbanks, VP Operations, GrubMarket

For thanksgiving, I ordered Grub Market to be delivered. Joel's brother and his family came over. It was amazing to be able to just relax on the big day and spend time with my family.

I met the amazing team (of women!) behind GrubMarket, the farm to table online grocery store. We had a "friendsgiving" meal with them and we loved the food so much, I had it for our own Thanksgiving! Chef Christine Daley worked alongside GrubMarket's own Chako Fairbanks who sourced all the farm-fresh local produce, sustainable meats, artisanal cheeses and more, and she whipped it up into seven stuffed courses of finger-lickin’ food. They all came in oven-safe containers ready to reheat and eat.  

So, now, I'm figuring out Christmas!! Should I attempt to cook? My mother arrives Christmas day, so I want it to be special. 


I got some DMs from a few of you after the instagram live video from our friendsgiving dinner...you didn't have grub market in your area. I know the prepared foods are for specific areas of the country,  but grubmarket.com is nationwide. Browse their selection of organic groceries! FYI- Today is the last day to have delivery by Christmas Eve. So, I'm making my decision quickly. 

Question: what are you all doing for your big holiday dinner?

And last, but certainly not least, thank you for your comments and participation in this blog! I thought I'd take this opportunity to post a few of your recipes you have shared with me here in this post

xoxo Ashley