GOOD MORNING, WORLD. #puppies&babies

Ahhh. I love this little man so much. We're here in Nebraska with my mom and sister while I'm filming a Christmas movie. I am grateful they're willing to take a break from their lives and come take care of Hayden when I'm working. It's hard leaving him in the mornings, especially when he looks at me like this! That thumb! And in that little hat. But, knowing he's with his family helps. And I'll see him very soon. He woke up this morning chatting away...

This outfit makes me smile. I mean... puppies and babies! 

Hayden's Puppy Dog and Stripes Onesie with hat- under $20

We're settling in here and feeling more relaxed, but I was incredibly stressed out before we left LA. What all do you bring when you're traveling (alone with a baby) and going to be in freezing weather? Babies are so tiny, but require so much gear. And the way our business works, sometimes you get an offer and need to pack and leave quickly. My girlfriend, Lacey Chabert, recently filmed a movie in Vancouver with little notice. She took her baby with her, too, so I got some tips from her. I'll be sharing in another post soon. So, more later. Have a wonderful day everyone.

xo Ashley