Photo Booth Drama (the sleeves, not Huck!)

I could (and will) start writing more about a very special relationship in my life.... my stepson, Huck. He's growing up right under my nose. The moments we share alone lately (even as simple as the talks in the car), I cherish. Just like the opportunity to jump in a photo booth with him recently. How funny is Huck? I beg him to smile in photos. I love the ones I catch of him naturally enjoying himself.... but throw a light on him and ask him to smile, he's not so game. He gave it his best shot in this last one here, though. I see the beginning of a grin.

I was looking at this little print today and thought I'd add it to the blog. If you are in a blended family, I'd love to hear about your experiences and start a more consistent dialogue. Did you grow up with half siblings or have step children of your own?


ps- since wardrobe/attire/fashion items are shared here, I'd be remiss not say this top came in the mail from the Nordstrom sale and I'm so much more pleased that I thought I'd be. For $26, it's hard to go wrong.  This top has the added fun of tie sleeves. I recommend tying them before you put the blouse on, fyi. Can get a bit tricky otherwise. I love that it's kinda blouse, helping balance out the bottom parts;)

For more of my favorite pieces from the sale, click HERE. Limited time left, but still plenty of goodies. thanks for all the comments and support about work stuff... a little post up here