Flower Power


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, I know. Plenty to write about, too. After shooting four episodes of General Hospital (in ONE day!) and wrapping up NCIS last week, I'm visiting Texas with Hayden seeing grandparents and great grandparents. I’ll have to play catch up for a bit on the blog, but in the meantime, I’m quickly jotting down thoughts about last weekend. I got to hang out with some of my favorite supportive women and speak on a panel at Unicon. It was great to get a few life pro tips about motherhood and women in the work force. 

My friend Christine Lakin (above) and I both spoke at the event. (Side note- we both have a child around the same age and we attend kiddie music class together. Love this girl. Check out her podcast, WorstPodcastEver HERE.)

My panel consisted of fun women at different stages of their lives and careers. We discussed the intense need for caffeine and morning rituals. Self care came up a lot. If we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves, how will we be of any use to our children, spouses, co-workers? Self care means different things to different women. Some of us talked about how that time encompasses physical activity everyday...others said it's about a bath or netflix. I'm still trying to find the time to fit these little moments in, so this next bit of advice caught my attention: if someone else can do it— let them! Learn to delegate. Learn to ask for help, or at least accept help! This is not always easy. I've heard it over and over in life, but it struck me differently hearing it on the panel. I'll circle back around on this topic in another post soon...Thanks Sophie Jaffe for mentioning that;) Natalie Nunn and I sat on the panel together, too. She is a riot discussing sexual healing on her mom essential list.

The day started at the RedCarpetSafety event in Culver City. I brought Joel and little Hayden with me (Huck was with his mom). That was a great event to take notes on safety tips of all kinds for children. 

4) Petal Pink washable Rothy's flats 5) Modern Black Heels   6) Delicate Large Hoops $12 

7) Neutral Go-to Clutch in Pale Pink


And for those of you that might ask-- the #ootd. I wanted to wear something that would work all day and could transition from one event to the next, with a touch up of makeup and a switch of shoes. I went from my neutral (pale pink) rothy’s flats to modern, simple black strappy heels. The grey strapless dress has a timeless quality to it that I love. I’m also a sucker for wrap dresses. This one is faux wrap (sometimes even better). I have been slightly obsessed with this topshop oversized denim jacket, too. It works with so much of my wardrobe. Literally. Night and day. I drape it over my shoulders or toss it over a t-shirt. The oversized jacket snuck back in the zeitgeist; not sure when this happened! At first it reminded me too much of the 90s, but, alas, I’m embracing and draping- sometimes collar up and all;)

A special thanks to Good Carma Studio for including me! I'd love to hear more from you all- what are your bits of wisdom to pass on to other women? What are your favorite self care tips. Right now, I'm forcing myself to drink some water, take my vitamins and supplements and enjoy my (second- oops!) cup of coffee.