KID'S GIFT GUIDE from a 6 year-old!

I have the best guest blogger today! My stepson Huck chimes in with his favorite ideas for kids. Meanwhile, Hayden climbs the walls to try and ring the door bell for the 100th time! But, truly, Huck helped so much with the kid guide. He says all the kids are loving anything emoji and the girls really love LOL dolls. Take a peek below.

huck and present.jpg


Some of his ideas are genius for “kids” of all age… like ME and my friends! I love the karaoke idea! What fun to pull out for family nights or with friends over. And the little photo reel viewer is such a cute idea. I’m thinking my friends would love this in their dressing room. It’s a fun gift that lives on in perpetuity (you can get new photo slides every year).

It’s Friday night here and we’re off to a holiday soiree in our neighborhood. But stay tuned, I hope to get the hostess and HIM/HER guide up asap. I bringing one of the candles to their house tonight. I happen to know they do burn candles, so hoping they like it. The home scent is subtle and lovely, so hard to go wrong with that!

Then, tomorrow we are volunteering at Huck’s winter wonderland school!! LA Zoo light tomorrow night…busy Saturday. Fun for the kids. See you in stories!! Is your weekend this busy? And do you always like you’re behind on stuff at home?! lol.

Who are you looking for? Right now, I’m scoping out ideas for Joel!


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