Just a very quick post here...Living in LA, I get the opportunity to do some cool things with the kids. Last week, we were invited to Sony's screening of Hotel Transylvania 3 on a sunset cruise  hosted by the Millennial Mamas. 

I'll be honest, I didn't get to watch much of the movie because my child is obsessed with looking at the water. So, he was mostly watching other boats. And I was only watching him! But how often do I get to take a sunset sail on a boat? Not often, so I loved every minute. And seeing the world through Hayden's eyes is special. I know Huck would have loved it, so we'll have to do it sometime when he is with us. 

I also wanted to get this post up to share the outfit details. This floral blue piece is so easy to dress up or down. I've worn it to a fancy dinner and out for a day meeting. And I love how long this dress is if it's a day I'd like my legs covered! I'm wearing a regular size 2- no alterations (but I do have on slight wedges). 

And Amy's polka dot wrap dress looks so fabulous on her. Love it! Amy's wearing a petite 0.

COMING UP: stay tuned for the wellness series. I'm completing an interview with the brainiacs behind the scenes of Usana to go live soon. Not a sponsored post, either. Just wanted to share information with you all. Happy Thursday! And happy birthday week to Mary and Charleen;)  

Veena Crownholm and Erin Ziering of Millennial Mamas 

Veena Crownholm and Erin Ziering of Millennial Mamas