MAKE ME UP: recent makeup questions answered

I have a notes section on my phone that I copy and paste DM’s or comments from you all…from time to time, I read them and have a lot of the same type of questions. Today, I’m answering questions about makeup.

On no level am I a makeup expert. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from the all the makeup chairs in which I’ve sat. And in recent years, I like to collaborate with the makeup artists. I’m happy to share anything I’m using or what I’ve learned. I’m hoping you will share your ideas and collaborate with me, too.

The below are three iPhone photos. Different lighting (which can make ALL the difference) and no filters. I wanted you to see that for red carpet events (the bottom one), most of us wear a decent amount of makeup, especially if I’m broken out.

makeup shots1.JPG


I often switch up my foundation, but for the past few months I’ve been using Dior Airflash (in all below photos, too). IT DRIES VERY QUICKLY. So, if you wanna give it a shot, take note. I do spray it directly on my face (some people use a makeup tray) but I am ready to go with my brush to quickly blend it all over. I’m really liking it. Mainly because once it sets in, it stays put. It’s pricey, but it has lasted me a long time. I even used it every day on the Lifetime movie I just wrapped. And I still have a lot left. Shake it well before you use it. You can find it HERE (nordstrom) and HERE (sephora).


In this photo above, it’s only mascara. But the bottom two photos, I am wearing fake lashes. I’m running low, so this is reminding me to reorder them now. I switch up my mascara often, but my go-to is LancomeDefinicils. But, I OFTEN wear Voluminous By Revlon from the drugstore or $5 on amazon right now.

makeup shots.JPG


Yes, I like Jane Iredale Pure Pressed powder. It’s not too matte.

I also like IT Cosmetics bye-bye pores powder. (My forever issue— why won’t they shrink for good!)


I am using Lanolips multipurpose right now.



I get asked this almost every time I wear this lip color in the above photo (also wearing it in the middle photo). It’s Trish McEvoy Veil Lip in Tea Rose. Sometimes I layer it with another color to lighten or deepen the color.

In the first photo, I’m wearing 86 Tiger Eye shimmer Estee Lauder. It is very hard to find this color in the shimmer. (It’s on eBay for a ridiculous amount). The lighting makes it look slightly different, but in reality, it’s a perfect fall brown-ish with hints of iridescent light. If you run across it, lemme know;)

So hopefully, that answered some of your questions. I added a few of my other favorites right now below, too.

Makeup Forever Concealer - I have two to mix together for the perfect coverage for a breakouts or under eyes. Flesh and Pink Porcelain for me…

Almay concealer for breakouts.

Jouer highlighter in Citrine for high on the cheeks, tip of nose, below brow, tip top of forehead, décolletage and just above the lip line (barely) for a fuller lip look.

More questions? Lemme know in the comment. Also, I know I mentioned doing a Q&A with Jamie Greenberg, so I will make that happen, too. Also, YOUR TURN! As I mentioned above, I love learning and collaborating. What are your favorite products I should know about??

I loved learning about certain apps recently when you guys chimed in, so lemme know makeup secrets!

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