Blue Jean Baby

Good afternoon, y'all! Happy Friday. We had @Ographr come take some snapshots a little bit ago. I take so many photos of the kids on my phone, but it's nice to have some high quality pictures of them and the whole family occasionally. 

After wearing variations of the denim on denim trend this week to meetings and auditions, I thought I'd do a quick post about it. I'm really hoping to do more of these posts. The easy thing about denim layers is your probably already have it in your closet! The one new piece I added this season is this jacket

Remember the super snug, almost kid-size phase the denim jacket had for almost a decade? (I've kept that jacket as it's still in style, along with the distressed version here!) But this year we have options with breathing room. Which I like. And I love throwing the jacket over my shoulders--over a dress, like in THIS POST. As soon as the weather switches temperatures, I'll wear it with a light sweater, leggings and boots and scarves! 

Along with the Topshop one I'm wearing (size small, pictured first), I also like these other styles:

I wore hoops to the meeting earlier this week (these are so inexpensive- only $12). Running around, I wear my white converse or washable rothy's flats (I actually wash my converse, too- on gentle). I have the flats in navy rounded-toe, red and light pink (pictured right). They aren't inexpensive, but comfy and easy to wash; the flats are also made with recycled, earth-friendly materials. Mine have lasted a long time. 

On a different note, the one thing about this outfit I will change next time- I would wear darker denim jeans. I like  the stark contrast of the two different denim shades for fall and winter. 

Hope you all have a great Friday. Game 3 of the World Series is on tonight! Who will be watching?? It'll be a good one. I vacillate between who I want to win! H-town needs a good break!

And undoubtedly, we will be outside a lot this weekend. These two boys of ours LOVE the sunshine.


ps- while I've got you here, thanks to those of you that watched and commented on NCIS. Means so much.


LEATHER and LACE for a modern twist!

Hello you all! I'm excited to share this look today. Biker sweet and chic? Is there such a thing?! Sometimes it's nice to switch things up style wise. I've already mentioned how I feel in this dress.  I love it. I wrote about wearing it in THIS POST (and other outings recently). Since we just moved, I'm wearing the same couple of items over and over until I get more organized. However, I wanted to give the dress a different look and edge it up a bit.  I found this tailored biker-babe jacket and I like the dress even more now. I think it's kinda obvious in these pictures I enjoy wearing this outfit. I have a feeling it won't stay in stock too long, so I wanted to share asap. 

What pieces have you added to your wardrobe to complete or change several outfits? I've never really thought about it, but now I'm excited to play with items in my own closet to give pieces from seasons past a new, modern twist. 

The jacket (one of the best faux leather ones I've found for the price- under $100) will edge up any outfit- dress or jeans or pants or even shorts! I'm a big believer in finding the best for the least amount of money, but you also get what you pay for! The material, the zipper detail and slightly structured fit are flattering and give off a bit of attitude! It adds just enough "biker girl" to balance out my sweet & flirty dress. It was hard to decide between the black or brown optionBrown would have been a different feel, but equally cool. 

I wore some heels from a few seasons back, but like these more modern, affordable heels so much, I think I'll order them. The clean lines will work with nearly everything. They aren't too high, which works well for me these days with the baby;)

What doesn't always work with the baby are my $12 hoops, but I sneak them on sometimes. They are a fun and delicately make a statement, plus the $12 price tag makes them even more awesome. I wear the studs my husband gave me for Valentine's Day all the time, but when I'm heading sans Hayden, I switch them out sometimes for a different feel. Right now, I feel so unorganized with the move, I keep wearing the same jewelry and clothes over and over again. Until I get a system going...Hello, container store... (that will be another post!).

You guys- thanks for your comments. I love reading them and try to respond to as many as I can.  I'm making a list of ideas you add here (and send via email). I'm a bit backed up on it all, but will get there slowly but surely. Stay tuned! 

xox ashley