The beloved character Penny on THE BIG BANG THEORY is played by my dearest friend, Kaley Cuoco. Over the last 12 years, many of our friends and family have had the distinct pleasure of hanging out on tape nights behind the scenes and in the audience. Memories have been made, stories have been told, secrets have been kept, and laughter and sometimes even tears have all happened during Tuesday night tape nights on Stage 25 at Warner Brothers; this is the same stage scenes from CASABLANCA, GIANT, KNUTE ROCKNE and BONNIE AND CLYDE have filmed scenes, just to name a few. It’s pretty special….we’ve shared plenty on social media, but I’ve never shared on the blog. Here are a few of my highlighted memories told in photos from my humble perspective attending the show. I’m sure I’m leaving many out, so I reserve the right to add to it… check back for more.

To the phenomenal cast and crew of a show I feel is more like family- you broke the mold. Here’s to going out with a BANG on TOP.