How to get Happy with God given gifts


I just got home from a workout and am feeling inspired, so I thought I’d put my fingers to the keys. I promised myself next time I felt motivated to share something with y’all, I’d just write it out as soon as I could.

It’s no secret my world is changing. ICYMI you can see a bit of it here and here, etc. I’ve let worry and fear seep into my being lately. I believe in prayer. I believe that God doesn’t want us to worry. And I don’t want to, either. But I am human. Only human. And right now, life has been depleting me.

I ran on adrenaline for so long to get me through a few significant phases. But the “phases” are still coming. Court dates, hearings, money, lawyers, etc. I AM WORRIED, EXHAUSTED AND DEPLETED. My adrenaline is waining. Some of you have commented on my posts. It’s ok. It makes sense.

My girlfriends Kaley, Bri, Ali and Willa have been encouraging me to sculpt out time to workout. And I did. Then I would feel guilty. I have so much to do right now, it felt selfish. But, last weekend, I was with Willa and she really saw it. She saw the depletion. So, she reminded me of something:

God gave us a gift with endorphins. Working our bodies (and minds) to the point of releasing our endorphins is a GIFT. Better than medicine. If you are healthy enough to get out and walk or move or spin or sculpt, DO IT. I know not everyone is, so that in and of itself is a gift. 20 minutes can change your day! I love this article experiment reported in SELF magazine:

All she knows is that she's overwhelmed. So at lunch, she heads to the gym and hops onto the elliptical. As her heart begins to pound, levels of the feel-good neurochemicals serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine rise in her body. So does brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a substance that may protect her brain from emotional disorders and repair damage that stress and depression cause. At the same time, opiate-like endorphins and endocannabinoids (similar to the other kind of cannabis) flood her system, leading to a sense of well-being. Read full article here.

For years, I’ve been an advocate of healthy habits: drinking water, working out (even if it meant jumping jacks and squats in my bedroom), sweating out the bad and putting in the good with your vitamins and supplements. But lately, I let life get the best of me. And Willa reminded me that God gives us ways to be proactive! Keep our minds sharp and our bodies flexible and give us energy. I need energy.

Today was everything for me. I poured out sweat and felt like I left the bad parts of me on my yoga mat. And my God given natural endorphins replaced the old with new energy.

I hope YOU are in an amazing spot in life already (then encourage us with a comment!), but if you are more in my shoes than you’d like to admit…. let’s encourage each other to do what we can. If it’s a walk or run, or yoga—— goooooo! Do it outside for freeeeee. If all you can do today is stand up and stretch…do it. Even for 20 minutes and get happy.

Please. Do it. You will feel better. You will FILL UP. And God can use you for your purpose.