Hayden first day of school.JPG

He DID it. Actually, we did it! Lol. Hayden started preschool. If you saw instagram stories this week, you know I wasn’t quite prepared for Hayden’s first day of preschool. I could not decide if he was ready be away from home and start school… let me rephrase that. I wasn’t sure I was ready to start him. Besides being an emotional transition, (don’t judge me for this next part—) it’s expensive and a time commitment. He just turned 3 after all! But, I think he proved he was ready.

Joel and I both go with him for his first day. He was so excited because he was “just like Hucky” going to school with a lunch box. I took a little video of him playing in the sand and sent it to my mom. He was so happy! 

I pick Hayden up later to rush to a doctor’s appointment (fertility stuff- another topic). It’s already been kinda a big day, but now I’m going to get progesterone levels checked. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️Anyhow, Hayden needs to call his best friend, aka Nana, to tell her about his first day. And she asks me if the sand at the school is safe sand?

Wait. What?? SAND? Safe?? It’s SAND! I don’t want it in the house, but I didn’t think it was harmful!

She’s heard sand causes cancer. One more thing to worry about? Now, before you think my mom might be crazy, she wasn’t making this up! The same sand we have played with all our lives now comes with a WARNING sign for Prop 65 if you buy it. I’m not a scientist, so instead of explaining to you, start with this article here if you’re curious. There’s a ton of info out there if you google; here’s another one. Crytalline Silica is the concern. Some believe it’s more of an occupational hazard if you are inhaling dust particles for years at a time.

Cut to me laying in bed last night, no longer concerned if Hayden will be emotionally okay all day while he’s at school, but now googling if he will get lung cancer from the sand. ANXIETY INDUCING. I mean…. as grateful as I am for so much information at the touch of our fingers, it doesn’t exactly help with sleep.

I couldn’t shake it this morning and texted two girlfriends that have children at the same school. I think the text read: Hey, hope you’re having a good day. Don’t think I’m crazy, but do you know if the school uses “safe” sand? Verses the cancer causing kind.

One friend wrote back- you know I’m putting this in my next script. LOL. 

Come to find out, they use “children’s play sand.” California has pretty strict laws on this stuff, so surely it’s actually safe, but who knows? I’m gonna let this one go and trust the kids are just fine. What I do need to be concerned about? I didn’t have bag packed with a change of clothes (luckily, I have my change kit in my glove compartment- a life saver if you need it), I didn’t have the “nap kit,” but promptly ordered this one. I bought a little letter board so I could be like all the other cool moms and snap a photo of Hayden holding up a sign for his first day, but then forgot to do it. 🙄🙄

I took the photo when he came home, but what was I waiting on!!? It’s the same thing that happened with potty training. I kept thinking “he just wasn’t ready!” But like it is for most parents, WE are the ones that are not ready.

Is this just motherhood? Is there something new under the sun like sand to worry about everyday? I’m very curious to know what you all think about stuff like this? Would sand concern you?

Tune in again soon for the next episode of paranoid mom.

FYI-If you’re looking for “safe” sand for a home sandbox, here are two options. SANDTASTIK and SAFE SAND.