JUMPSUIT? Pregnant?! Um... YES! Read WHY!

LBJ... or The Jumpsuit

No baby news, yet. He's still content in my tummy. So, I'm trying to stay relaxed at 9 1/2 months pregnant.  This jumpsuit I'm sporting in the picture must be the most comfortable thing I've ever put on... better than PJs. It'll be added to my list of staples for the next pregnancy (eek! Lord willing, but, I know, let's get through this one first!). I seriously don't want to take it off. I wasn't sure if it would work on my body when I ordered it... a jumpsuit pregnant? How could that be possibly look cute? But, the fabric drapes beautifully and feels like butter. It's perfect for a wide range of weather, too. I get hot and cold easily now... need to be prepared for both. And it's genius how it tricks the eye.  In some pictures, I don't look 9 months pregnant! But, of course, there's no hiding this little (big) boy when I turn to the side. And I don't want to hide him!  It's flattering and you will wear it over and over. If I had owned this a little earlier in the journey, I would have added a great low heel for a dressier look. Some of my other pregnant girlfriends have posted about this, too, which validates my opinion, but also makes me think it'll sell out. Right now, you can get it HERE or HERE. And cobalt blue is on sale HERE. Oh, and ps- it has pockets and will work post pregnancy, too... I'm sure you'll see me in it again soon... hopefully, holding my firstborn! And because several asked for links to similar items that may be more budget friendly, please see the lookbook (which has a higher to lower range of jumpsuits and shoes!) below or click here for one under $25!

happy shopping! xo