My latest go-to is $20!

I met beautiful Hannah through Joel (our husbands have been friends since early grade school). She's all kinds of cool (a little English, a little rock-n-roll). Her son is close to Huck's age and her daughter is close to Hayden's age. We've been talking about putting our mom brains together and doing some good work... 

Hannah and her family joined us at Hayden's birthday. I loved her dress and wanted to share. But also, since I wore this outfit for the party, I have worn the top and pants over and over. I already wrote a bit about it, but now these PANTS are fun, and flattering and $20!!! I had to let you guys know. I wore these pants yesterday to an audition with a black top and heels. Two people asked me where I got them. This is simply a no-brainer. Get these slightly cropped pants. Plus, free shipping both ways. (For reference, I'm wearing a size 4).

The little feminine top I wore (you can make it sleeveless or wear it the way I'm wearing it here) is only $39. Looks sweet with white pants, too. 

Hannah's dress is so summer-in-England, I'm kinda obsessed. And it's on sale, too;) - check out her story/blog HERE.

Happy Thursday Happy Summer Happy Shopping.