PINNER TEST- the test you wanna take

As long as I can remember, I've had little issues with my skin. For example, I have KP (keratosis pillars) on the back of my arms. Certain topical treatments have helped, but never permanently. I've often wondered if I am intolerant to certain foods. And if so, would those said foods be contributing to my skin issues. I thought if I drank enough water and just ate less sugar and carbs it might go away, but alas... that's not accurate. ( Not to mention hormonal breakouts, headaches, bloating...ugh! You get the picture.)

Dr. Oz had a segment on food intolerance that caught my attention. (Y'all know I'm a big fan of his, especially after working with him a couple of times.) Food sensitivities can lead to weight gain, body pain from inflammation, fatigue, eczema, bloating, congestion (!), diarrhea, skin rash and general feelings of being out of control.  And one thing I never knew was that food intolerance can even lead to serotonin deficiency. 

After several discussions of wanting to be "more efficient" and have more energy throughout the day, a friend suggested I take a blood test to see what food sensitivities might be revealed. She suggested the Pinnertest. It utilizes advanced technology to analyze blood samples and identify an individual’s food intolerances. The test detects which foods may be causing negative reactions with your body like the aforementioned list - all with just a few drops of blood dispensed by a basic finger prick. 

We just got another test kit so that Joel can also have his blood analyzed, too. Then, we're going to attempt to start the food elimination period. Will be great to start 2018 off right! I don't want to reveal too much of my report before Joel gets his back, but I'm sure you'll be hearing me discuss it. If you're interested on more info on the one we're using, go to

Has anyone else taken a food intolerance test? What was your experience? Very curious to know! And was the elimination period frustrating? I have to go to a meeting right now, but will be back on my computer later today. I always enjoy commenting with you all and sharing ideas. I'm working on the next recipe post based on your slow cooker recipe suggestions!! (And Joel's latest contribution!) Plus, writing a few work updates. Thanks for visiting here!

ps- Joel thought this picture looked like I was taking a pregnancy test! ha. NOPE!

later added:

YAY-- Due to your comments and excitement, I just got word that you all can have $60 off plus free shipping if you wanna go on this journey as well! Use code ASHLEY (all caps) on the Pinnertest site to order your kit today.