Happy Early Thanksgiving. 40% OFF TODAY. AND FREE SHIPPING!

I love coming here to jot down thoughts and share ideas, but somewhere along the lines, I started "blogging" about clothing and style. I don't consider myself a "style blogger," but rather a sharer of information.  And today, I have info! JCREW is offering 40%. Use code Holiday at checkout. Perfect holiday shopping before things sell out over the Thanksgiving day weekend, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

This picture was taken a year ago. I was pregnant with Hayden. What a difference a year makes! Or doesn't make, in the case of this photo. This blazer and turtleneck are still staples and are available as part of the sale today. Such great basics. I've sifted through a bit and linked the pieces I ordered for gifts (and maybe myself!). I'm adding socks for Joel in my cart to throw in his stocking!