You are SMART....!

I got my own private concert this morning! #NothingBetter 

Doesn't every parent want to think their child is intelligent? I look at Joel several times a week and say, "Hayden is advanced, right? I think he's smart."  Of course, I have NO idea what I'm talking about or even how to make a baby smarter, but I do know how to google! And one thing that consistently comes up is sound. Babies love sounds...and music. Even when I was pregnant, doctors encouraged playing music for the baby to hear in the womb!

Psychologist Frances Rauscher released a study in 1993 touting the magical benefits of classical music, igniting the Mozart Effect. The study was conducted on college kids who listened to 10 minutes of classical music before performing spatial tasks. Scientists have since debunked the idea that simply listening to music can make you smarter. However, the benefits of infants and toddlers interacting with music still holds strong. Rauscher now urges parents to put their children on instruments, rather than passively just playing music for them.

We are currently living in a temporary place that's an amazing space for someone single or newly married, but throw a baby and a 4 year old into the mix get the picture. Joel had this piano that we debated giving to another family member because of space issues. But he loves to play it, so I'm happy we kept it. What I never expected was how much Hayden would love it, too. Music in general stimulates and soothes the little man, but when he can control the sounds, it's fun to watch.


I came home from work last week to my mom dancing around the house, holding Hayden and singing to him as Alexa blared music. He was kicking his little legs (sometimes to the beat) and cooing and singing right along with Carrie Underwood.  Lately, anytime he's fussy from teething, I distract him with music and movement. To watch your child go from discomfort to pure joy is priceless. And this is something that is literally price-less. It costs nothing to dance around your house or play music and sing to your baby.

For me, I know how impactful music is for my mood. The right song can encourage me to workout harder or relax and slow down! 

What songs are your babies listening to? I'd love to hear how music is incorporated in your life! Hayden loves his Baby Einstein Take Along toy (first one below). It's so affordable, I'm ordering another one just to keep in the diaper bag at all times. We don't own these pianos (yet), but how fun when he can stand and walk! Ps- Hayden (and mom) LOVE cuddling in his new Softsie footsie. I cannot get over how soft they are against his skin.