Effortless & Extremely Budget Friendly Pieces (under $30!)

Left to my own devices, I would be in yoga pants everyday. Nothing wrong with that, by the way! I could easily blame that on being a new mom, but the truth is, I've been like this forever. I like getting dressed up for certain occasions, but usually, I'm looking for something with less effort. I've been wanting to step it up just a tiny bit so I don't feel frumpy. I've studied some of my favorite stylists and watched what stylists have done for me on shows, too. Accessories can be your best friend. Sometimes just a statement piece like a scarf and some chunky earrings will do wonders. On days like today where I'm running an errand with the baby, then have a work meeting, I want something that is comfortable, but still looks put together. More importantly, I love pieces that are affordable so I don't care if it gets spit up on it!


A go-to uniform for me:

I love v-neck tees and THIS ONE has become my favorite. At $19, it's hard to go wrong, but this one went really right. It comes in a ton of colors, too. I'm wearing a medium. It's a perfect, relaxed fit on me. And gives me just enough room to easily breastfeed, which leads me to the scarf!

Light, breathable scarves are great cover ups for while breastfeeding. This one is under $30 (and extremely soft- take a look at the reviews!), so I'm less concerned with it getting messed up. The print pops and makes a statement without being too bold. This scarf may sell out, so you can also get it HERE!

These earrings I'm wearing in the photo are on sale for only $20 right now.  I love the colors for fall and winter. I also saw this pair for $20 that are very similar.  


Here are some other cute, affordable ideas:

Have a great Monday! xo  Ashley  

ps- let me know your thoughts! Especially other ideas from nursing moms;)