When you find a good (affordable!) thing...stick with it!

Earlier this week I wore this exact outfit, except the sweater was white- click here to see. When you find a good thing, I say stick with it. Especially when it is so affordable. At only $39, so I got it in white and green, too (it comes in 5 colors)! I love all how the black adds a touch of sophistication. The necklace adds interest and a bit more flair. It's comfy and layered so I can easily take the sweater off if I get too hot today. This is a perfect outfit for Thanksgiving dinner at home with the family, specially if you're traveling! You could always pair the sweater with some shorts on a warmer day, or add a peacoat (I love THIS ONE on sale right now) on a colder day! And, of course the necklace can go from day to night. Happy Friday! 

I feel the need to add that Hayden was just sitting up in the 4moms bassinet stroller for the picture-- not while we were moving. Safety always first;)

TRANSITIONAL PIECES...from summer to fall to winter. #BeanieBaby

This is classic California winter attire. We keep parts of our bodies warm, not necessarily our whole body! I love a soft, comfortable beanie or hat. It's the best way to hide a bad hair day, keep cozy, look put together, but not like you're trying to hard. This one from FreePeople is like butter. And it works with browns and blacks and the "in" colors of the season: olive green and ivory.  And the Free People Top is on sale!!

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