Swinging from the Chandeliers

Occasionally, I make great decorating choices and get very excited. I’ve said before that I’m not impulsive when finishing the house. Wait… ‘not impulsive’ is an understatement. I’m slow and get paralyzed sometimes making decisions. But these chandeliers were not one of them! 

I was waiting to post this when I could say, come on in….wish you could have a hot tea or a glass of wine and I could show you around the house. But, I’m still not done!!! UGH. I’m not even going to tell you when we moved in… well, I will. Hayden was almost one. He’ll be THREE on Friday (I’m thrilled for his birthday and in disbelief my baby is growing up, but that’s another post. I’m in birthday mode over here for BOTH BOYS. A joint one)!!

Back on topic- So, we’ve been in the house two years. But I have to give myself a break. He was a baby. I was working. We MOVED, for crying out loud. We were going through custody things regarding Huck. It was a lot. So….if metaphorically you’re in a similar boat, please give your self a break. Life happens. We need to enjoy it, live it, appreciate it. And things like this (decorating, redecorating, re-organizing your life) happen in phases. Or it does with me! I’m learning that is ok. I’m working with a budget and juggling many things. So, it takes time. 

I’m oversharing here…we haven’t finished the office and I’m showing you the unfinished version. Bookshelves messy- probably not even the bookshelf I’ll keep, but hey….we’re trying. I wanted you to see this photo to see the size of the chandelier compared to Hayden!

I’m oversharing here…we haven’t finished the office and I’m showing you the unfinished version. Bookshelves messy- probably not even the bookshelf I’ll keep, but hey….we’re trying. I wanted you to see this photo to see the size of the chandelier compared to Hayden!

  1. Long striped soft button down 2. My current favorite jeans 3. Chandelier Option ONE

    4. Chandelier Option TWO 5. Chandelier Option THREE

I ordered three of these chandeliers for the house. Originally, I wanted all three in the entry way, but when they arrived, I realized it was too overpowering for the space. So, I used them in the piano/playroom downstairs, office upstairs and entry way. The playroom/piano room has a very large curved window you can see from the street. The office upstairs faces the street, too. At night, when the front door is open, you can see all three of the chandeliers , dimmed. It was as if it was all designed that way! I wish I had a photo to show you, but I’ll get one soon. I linked three pendants for you in this post because I like people to have options. Sometimes I have credit or points at one store and not another, or one is offering free shipping, etc. The price points are slightly different- at amazon, houzz and lumens , but the Morgan pendant is the same! It comes in two different finishes and very well made.

Also, I’m linking the cozy outfit. I have talked about these jeans a lot. They are under $30. The exact ones I linked above are low on sizes, but THESE JEANS HERE are the same, without the exposed buttons. The top is muted colors with the softest fabric. I love that it’s long in the back so I can wear it with leggings, too, if I wanted, or tie it in front, or tuck it in.


Part of my style is a bit more traditional.  But there is something to be said about “feeling the space you’re in.”  We put in the classic, traditional chandelier over our dining table. I often have it in stories on instagram, so you may have seen it. It hangs over a large table, against a glass wall of greenery. But overall, the house has more of a clean line, modern, Mediterranean feel. These gorgeous chandeliers still felt classic and match the house. 

I’m going off on a slight tangent here, but something got into me yesterday! I seriously wanted to feel lighter, decluttered. I cleaned out a few things I’ve been holding onto in the attic, in closets and the garage. I have lamps, rugs, bedside tables that “might work in another house.” But today— I loaded them into the car and donated them! I wanted to do it before I changed my mind. A dear friend of mine recently told me that things are meant to be in our lives for a period of time, in a certain space, to serve us… but sometimes, it’s ok to pass them along to another family. I know she is right. Plus, how often have I looked back and regretted passing things along? Not often.

Keep the family heirlooms, but things that we’re hoping will fit into our lives in the future that are only taking up valuable real estate, look at those things. Creating space is good thing. A great thing. Never know what we’re making room for;) But no, not pregnant yet. Keep the positive vibes goin’ for me/us…prayers welcome!



I need your HELP... a work in progress

Ok, just wanting some advice. Honestly, I also think if I share some ideas with you all, it’ll force to me to make decisions and COMPLETE these projects. Finally.

I’m showing you the bare bones of the bedroom (absolutely not done- bedding isn’t finished- wrinkled, wires showing, desperately need the bedskirt, etc) as a work in progress. I’m excited because my mom was here recently and gave me a great idea. Wall paper just one wall (behind the bed), finish bedding, add chair or bench, photos and a mirror. So… stay tuned on that. I do love the simple additions that add a ton of flare so far: the headboard and the chandelier from LAMPS PLUS. I absolutely love the change lighting makes, especially when it’s like statement jewelry for the room! We painted the walls a shade of white and added crown moulding. You may remember my post about our new mattress and adjustable frame, which is why it’s easier to just have a headboard for now instead of a whole bed.


I searched online and decided on these new pieces for many reasons, but affordability and quality were big ones. Plus, Lamps Plus is a family owned business and we also share a birthday!! No joke. They started in 1976;)


Now… please check my instagram stories for video regarding my bigger question. I need to decide if I’m going to hang this chandelier I got and where. I like the idea of putting it in the stairwell, BUT is it not the kind of chandelier that you look at from above?? It’ll hang in a way that we will see it from above on the second floor. From the first floor, it’ll look great, I think.

Here are my options:

1) I don’t worry about this aspect and just go with it knowing it will look fabulous from all angels.

2) I get a different chandelier.

3) I hang it higher than I originally anticipated. It won’t look as dramatic from the first floor, but, it solves a potential problem.

It’s bronze as shown to the right if you’re looking on a computer screen, and the overall look that’s pictured on the website is shown below.

Ok. I have so many more things to share about house decor, but this is enough for now. If you have an eye for decor (or just an opinion), please share. It’s not cheap to hang chandeliers, so if I’m gonna go to the trouble and spend the money (because it’s so high, it’s not easy), I want to LOVE the way it looks.

SIDENOTE- I’m looking for a high quality 16in drop bedskirt. If anyone knows companies that makes them, please let me know!

Also, when I find cool things, I am showing up on my liketoknow.it app page HERE. So, if you have the app or go to that site, look me up! I have the same handle I do on instagram. @ashleyaubra.

If you haven’t used this free device, I recommend it. Mainly because if you see something you love on someone that has the app, you can easily shop it and have it at your doorstep. I love discovering new things from people I follow. Even I don’t buy them, I get fun tips and ideas like I do when I’m playing on pinterest.


thank you for your ideas and advice! Sorry if it’s a super confusing post today!!