Have a GOOD day (chocolate)!

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Hey y’all... sharing something too "good" to keep all to myself. No, it's not another baby (I keep getting asked) or what show I'm working on this week. But, I do get to reveal that soon! Actually headed in for wardrobe fittings in a few minutes. I'll try to share some hints in my stories if I can. SHHHh;)

This little secret is sweet goodness.

The wellness series is full of a lot of stuff I don't necessarily love doing, but know is good for me to do. Like swallowing huge supplements, downing all my water, working out, etc. I'm learning to love those things, but let's be real. So, I wanted to share a treat with you guys. Y’all asked for some of my favorite items from the Bloom Summit Health and Wellness day. I didn't forget. I've just been using some products and researching to find the ones I love the most. Now, part of what I think is cool about learning and experimenting with new products is two part: 1) I like switching things up occasionally and 2) not everything works for everyone's body. So, it's nice to throw ideas out there and see what might work well for you. 

One of the things I learned about is Good Day Chocolate. The creators are self professed “supplement geeks with a chocolate obsession.” It’s a chocolate vitamin (in the cutest packaging you’ve ever seen). Yes, it might sound confusing….a complete treat that is good for you? But, in the name of chocolate, I simply embraced the concept and have since enjoyed many a good days;) It is really hard for me to get everything I need from just food or one or two supplements. I really appreciate creative ideas to mix it all up!

I tried the “energy” chocolate first and loved the taste and gentle pick-me-up. Then, later that evening, I tired the “sleepy” version. I munched on a couple bite-sized chocolates and downed a large glass of water. I woke up refreshed. Hayden must have gotten the memo ‘cause he’s handing us the sleepy time version in the picture above! lol This mama could use a little extra sleep! He must know!

I'm interested in the turmeric supplement. Do y'all take turmeric? I looked up reasons why it's beneficial and was blown away. So, I would like to integrate these antioxidant bites into my weekly supplements.


I did a bit more research and….this is why I like this company:

1) They support SmileTrain. (One of the founders is a plastic surgeon). 

2) Hayden and Huck beg for them (check out the kids section). Also, check my stories today on instagram. And for kids, they have a daily multi-vitamin that I love giving the boys. They are highly-tested, non GMO and made with fair trade chocolate. Your kids will remind YOU to give them their vitamins.

3) I can have a little sweet tasting something and know it’s beneficial. My go-to is one probiotic and one vitamin D in the AM. If I take one at night, it’s the sleepy time one. Since I'm trying to eat clean and drink the water right now (er...always!), it's a treat I'm adding that I don't feel guilty about. How fun to get a bite of something sweet that is packed with goodness in more ways than one? Really FUN. Great gift, too. Who wouldn’t want to receive this sweetness!? This variety pack is a fun hostess gift.

Warning for toddler moms: if your child is anything like Hayden, he likes to put any treat in his mouth, then hold it for a while in his hands, then put it back in his mouth. We’re working on this, but in the meantime, the chocolate does rub off on his little hands, so keep an eye. For more great info on this company, please visit: GoodDayChocolate.com where you can purchase (they also can be found here on Amazon and the kids' line can be found at your local Target). I have to give them a thank you shout out for sponsoring this portion of the wellness series! 

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MID-YEAR CHECK IN with ourselves!! Earlier this year, I wrote a Soap Digest column and a blog post about goals and resolutions I hoped to achieve for 2018. I literally cannot believe it, but we're halfway through the year. So, logic tells me it's time to check in and see where we are in this whole "wellness" let's-make-ourselves-better idea. 

Truth be told, mentally I'm still living in the month of March. I keep thinking I have time to figure things out for the year. But, you know, that's okay. Sometimes that's just how life goes.

And that's what this check-in is about. What did you wanna accomplish this year? Are you actively working on said accomplishments? Today is a good day to get started all over again. Let's keep our minds positive and as focused as possible.

I'm gonna break down a few ideas in various posts over the next week or so about overall wellness. Today, I wanted to start with something simple, but powerful. Simple, yet so often confusing for me. VITAMINS AND SUPPPLEMENTS.  I got to interview the brainiacs behind the science of Usana. This is in no way a sponsored segment or post. I just truly wanted some questions answered. So, it makes sense that they will discuss Usana products since I asked their scientists for answers. The important thing here is that we're getting what we need from whatever good food, vitamins and supplements we might be taking.


  • What are the most important supplements to take? I know some people don’t want to start off with the subscription of daily packed vitamins and supplements, so if they were just buying them individually, what are the top three they should not live without?
    • First, everyone should be taking the CellSentials—our two foundational products—with carefully balanced levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and patent-ending USANA’s InCelligence Technology that activate your cells’ natural ability to protect and renew themselves.*  
    • Second, USANA’s Probiotic. The human digestive system is a delicate balance of both “good” and “bad” bacteria. USANA Probiotics have been shown to support healthy digestion and sound immune function.* 
    • USANA’s Vitamin D.  Many people are deficient in this important vitamin. And there are many reasons why it is easy to become deficient- it is difficult to get enough from the foods that you eat, you don’t get enough from sunlight because most of your time is spent indoors, you use a sunscreen, you have naturally darker skin, or you have aging skin that is not as efficient in making vitamin D. 


  • For pre-natal, during pregnancy and post-natal supplements, should I not mix other products? For instance, if I’m taking the BabyCare prenatals or Prenatal CellSentials (and assuming I have a decent diet), is that enough by itself?
    • Every individual is unique; therefore, everyone’s supplemental needs are going to be different. For example, the amount of calcium needed increases during pregnancy and some women don’t get enough calcium through diet alone. If you're concerned about your calcium intake, ask your doctor about ways to increase your intake. Your doctor is a great resourcefor any questions you have for pre and post pregnancy health. 


  • Is there such a thing as mixing too many supplements together? For instance, if I’m taking the Prenatal CellSentials, can I add the Magnecal? What is okay to add with a supplement/vitamin like CellSentials?
    • It’s important to remember that supplements are designed to complement a healthy diet, not replace it. USANA’s supplements are designed to provide advanced levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are difficult to obtain from diet alone – levels that individuals can use every day to promote a lifetime of good health. So you don’t want to just take supplements to take them. It would be ideal to know what you need, what you may be deficient in and add that to your nutritional routine. However, it’s always best to contact your doctor with any questions you have about your health. 


  • After discussing Proglucamune with Dr. OZ, I was asked many times if it’s ok to take it on top of your one a day vitamin. For example, if someone is already on a regular vitamin routine, can they incorporate Proglucamune in the morning and at night safely?    
    • First, please note that Proglucamune is intended to be taken by healthy adults, 18 years and older. Proglucamune is not intended to replace your one-a-day vitamin supplement. This supplement is designed to be taken every day to  support healthy immune function.* But again, It’s always best to contact your doctor for any questions you have about your health to discover what the best suits your nutritional needs. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


What I got out of this quick Q&A is this: we need to take our balanced "one a day." Ideally, find one with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Make sure it includes enough Vitamin D. Also, add in a probiotic and an immune booster.  What I really liked and now added to my never-ending to-do list? Make a wellness appointment with your doctor and write down what you are taking or thinking about taking. Don't just take supplements just to take them, as they said above. Perhaps I need levels to be checked to see if I need more of one thing or another. And I imagine, this changes periodically. 

The products below are the ones I am taking currently. I do switch it up sometimes, but right now, this is it! Hope at the very least, it gets us all thinking about our health from the inside out. What are your top health concerns right now? If you have additional questions, please let me know. I'd like to circle back around with this with a few doctors.

1. Biomega  2. Proglucamune  3.Usana Booster C (I put this in my water when I work out or am feeling sluggish or jet lagged, etc).  4. Vita-Oxidants and Minerals  5.Probiotic (I TRY HARD to remember to put this in my water in the morning or at night) 6. Hepasil (I don't take this everyday, but several times a week. It helps with overall detoxification). 

What I will say about this overall combination, it helps keep my digestive system going and moving properly (keeps me regular;) And I do notice a difference in my energy when I am consistent. So, whatever program you are on, consistency is a big part of it. Oh, and drink water. That will be another post;) Yesterday I was terrible about it and can feel the difference today!! 



ps- as a part of this "wellness series," what other questions or themes are you interested in? email or leave a comment below! 






Hello. It’s been a good minute (or many good minutes) since I’ve written. In the last post, I said I would share some thoughts about my “intentions” or resolutions for the new year. Can you believe it’s February already? And I’m still making my list! I can be long-winded and a bit scattered, so I’m doing my best to keep the list short and sweet. This list is somewhat generic, but it's real. I love what readers wrote in a previous post about their goals and intentions for this year. Self care came up, morning routines, etc. Your thoughts are encouraging me. I appreciate what Robin Van Drunen said: Goals are important and they must be typed or written down somewhere or the accountability goes out the window.

So, here goes.



  • LAUGH (it off) MORE. Let it go. Underthink it. 
  • DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I say it every year. Probably because I truly WANT it to happen.
  • Take my vitamins and supplements EVERY DAY! 
  • GET ORGANIZED. I no longer want  to get frustrated as I’m getting ready to leave the house because I can’t find something. I want to DOWNSIZE MY BELONGINGS. And I want to streamline my mom-life. (I will go into better detail in posts to come, but if that doesn’t make sense, what I mean is this: I long for smooth mornings. Is there a world where it’s easy to find two clean socks (that FIT) every person in the house? Sounds trite, but lemme tell you…. Can I easily find my favorite lipstick (it could be anywhere between diaper bags or purse to my car glove compartment- not advisable because it melts, I know)? Does anyone feel me here? And if you don’t have kids, substitute water bottles for portable coffee cups. We ALL have these mornings where we swear we’re coming STRAIGHT HOME AFTER “THIS” AND GETTING OUR LIVES TOGETHER. So, that’s what I mean. 
  • WORKOUT MY BODY. Because this also works out my mind. I will do some form of a workout EVERY SINGLE DAY. I will. I’m writing my next column for Soap Digest based on this topic. I have a “strategy” that I’m borrowing form the business world. And I hope you respond to it. (I got many requests to discuss health and fitness). It’s currently helping me, so we’ll go into greater detail in that column and future blog posts. Hint: It’s about being S.M.A.R.T.
  • MOM and Step-mom. Just be better, I guess? This set of intentions is way more personal than the more generic ones above. I have a blended family. It’s hard and not something I often discuss. But, it’s my reality. Some activities we do, Huck is not present. He’s simply not with us (it's his time with his mother). I try and schedule as much as possible when I have him, but some things are out of my control. Like, we didn't have Huck for Joel's birthday party, so we celebrated again once we did have him. And Hayden… my sweet baby boy. We always feel we can do more as moms, right? Time goes by so fast and I want to soak it all up while he’s still little. Funny enough, I think if I’m aware of the previous intentions listed above, I’ll be a better, more present mom? I leave that as a question... if we work more on ourselves, do we have more to offer our children?


  • Be more time efficient. I will learn to prioritize URGENT over IMPORTANT. Procrastination gets me nowhere I want to be. I want to be extremely prepared for all endeavors big or small this year. 


  • Spend more time in prayer. Continue to attend the Women’s Bible Study.

Thoughts?  You know I love them and have missed being here on the blog, so leave a comment or piece of advise if you are inspired. Also, who has been implementing their own goals so far? Are any of you using certain tips to stick to them?


PS- for those interested in above photo details, sadly, I think this coat is sold out. But, my necklace is a staple. And I'm not the only one that loves it... if you visit the blog often, you might remember this post?