Coming Full circle! Work, travels and turning one!

It's been a while since I've posted here... I miss it and want to start writing more. Recently, a few life events kept us busy. As many of you know, we moved! Anyone that's ever moved gets this! It is NOT easy. NOT super fun. (You inevitably can't find important items and feel so up in the air it's ridiculous). Then, shortly after we moved residences, we found ourselves traveling again to film a Lifetime movie. Not down the street to Santa Barbara or DTLA, but across the country, up some great lakes and through the border we go.... to Toronto, then Ottawa, where I am currently typing this post.

I've filmed quite a few tv movies up in Canada...even near the place where we are staying now. I distinctly remember walking to get dinner by myself on my day off one night. I watched families strolling by all bundled. It's pretty special now that I am one of these people...strolling Hayden! I can't wait to say more about what I'm up here filming, but it'll (hopefully) be one fun thriller to watch. I'm playing a doctor. (I guess I missed Bridget!) I'm so grateful Joel was able to fly out for the weekend to get us set up here and will come back for the last part of filming. He returned home for his son Huck and his work. We miss them, but will see them very soon. Huck turns five mid-May and Hayden turns one shortly after! Party time! It honestly seems just like yesterday that I was pregnant and writing this post! I feel silly saying this because it's the most overused phrase, but...where does the time go?

Enjoy the weekend! 

ps- for outfit details, see HERE;) 


Hayden is doing all sorts of "firsts" lately; the biggest first is traveling. (I can't believe he is already 3 months! It seems like just yesterday, I was pregnant!) He is visiting his grandparents in Texas. We can all agree that is a stressful hurdle to do for the first time. Okay, perhaps it's more of a hurdle for mom than baby.  And I have a confession to make. I cheated.  I didn't do it alone. I had my parents and my sister. Dad had to work (and we are missing him like crazy)... 

The time change wasn't huge, but it was enough to throw us off a bit. We tried to keep a few staples in his life consistent. He loves his Dockatot, so I brought that as a carryon on the plane. It doubled as a changing station for us, too. I just make sure to put diaper pads down on it first.

To make the whole travel experience easier on me, I used Britax B-Agile travel system. I had it shipped to my parents house so my dad could have the car seat ready to go. It's easy peasey to install. And the stroller that works with the car seat is awesome. Very light and easy.  We're keeping it in Texas for our future trips home.