Wicked Cushions


I didn't even have to come up with a cleaver title because the brand name says it all. Wicked Cushions! Replace the existing cushions on your headset with upgrades, adding to the life of your headset.

Here is our story: 

Joel is a computer guy. That's how he makes his living. Many times he needs to focus and listen, so a headset is everything. (Especially when traveling). He needs a very comfortable, "luxe" if you will, headset. He already owned a very nice set of Bose headphones. But they were older and seemed like they needed tossing. 


So, for father's day, I was about to invest. I say invest because these things are not cheap. I was about to purchase this set off amazon. As Joel and I like to multitask (for better or worse), we often find ourselves watching a show and on our computers simultaneously. I think surfing reddit, amazon, etc. is therapeutic to him like sifting through home decor on pinterest and instagram are to me! Somewhere he stumbled on wicked cushions and didn't even tell me. He got caught up in the amazing reviews and figured this might be his answer to needing a new headset. He was right. I wish I caught him on video the night his package arrived and he replaced his cushions. It was so simple and he was like a little boy with a choo-choo train on Christmas. So thrilled his headset was like new. The best part? It was less than $20!

Needless to say, I opted for a different father's day gift. With all the money we saved, I got him a back massager he had seen on...wait for it... reddit. Anyhow, I'm upgrading and extending the life of my own headset with their cute floral pattern.  I was so pleased, I reached out to the brand to give them our feedback and, duh--- had to share with y'all, too. Now, we're "friends" and they were cool enough to want to gift two readers with any choice from their website!


So, follow both @ashleyaubra and @wickedcushions. Woo-hoo! You're entered. For more entries, leave a comment here or on social. We'll be checking (and answering) all my usual social channels. I'm telling you, if you have thought about upgrading your cushions or your headset (I am known for running/walking with mine, so **gross** the cushions can get sweaty and wear out)- don't delay. Just do it. Oh, and Joel says, "You're welcome." lol.

Winners will be announced July 5th! Winner picks one (1) product off of wickedcushions.com

UPDATE: WE HAVE OUR WINNERS. I'll be sending out DMs to Charleen and Mary! Thank you, ladies!