Having your first child is a journey in and of itself.... having a newborn with a 4 year-old stepson is whole different ballgame. When it's our time with Huck, we've been trying to get out of the house and have family outings, but we obviously have to be careful with a newborn. We're trying to pick fun excursions that work for all of us. Last weekend we went to Travel Town ( I mentioned it HERE). It's all about old trains (and evidently birthday parties!!- lots of them!). Huck had an amazing time.  I will give you a few quick tips from our experience if you're in LA and wanna venture to Griffith Park's Travel Town.

1) Bring your own picnic. Online we read that there are "venders." But, we're not talking about the Austin Food Trucks or the ones you find at Farmer's Market. When we went, we wished we had brought our own food- there are even BBQs set up around the property ready to be fired up. 

2) Although there's a lot of shade, bring sunscreen to reapply. I'm grateful I did that.

3) Huck REALLY wanted to play with the indoor train set (like this one) with the other kids inside the museum. It's cleverly set up without mini trains (for sticky hands). So, kids bring their own trains (or you can purchase in the gift shop). 

4) The actual train to ride is worth every penny. It's reminiscent of an old school train in sound and feel and kids love it. Plus, you get to see the grounds and decide a good spot to put down a quilt and hang out.  You'll also get a good glimpse of fun spots to document with a photo.

Here's a few pictures we grabbed before Hayden demanded we head home! Find a few more details (and to shop a few items of the post) HERE!