GOING BACK TO CALI... Bridget returns to California for Rick's wedding!

After being away from the show for over a year, I get a call in May to check my availability for some tape dates in June.  I don't have a clue why, after all this time, the writers want to bring Bridget back.  But, I figure it'll be something fun and important. Bingo. Bridget is there to support her family, more specifically, her brother.  And we have fun.

I visit the lovely Jennifer Johns in wardrobe the week before shooting. I've known her for years.  It's been so long since I've been on the show, we need to go over sizes. Even though I'm comfortable in my own skin, I usually see room for improvement. I've got some issues; alas, I'll wager in the battle of the thighs forever. But you reach an age where acceptance starts to kick in. Needless to say, I feel better when I fit into the dress Jennifer picked. Whew. 

At this point, I know Rick is marrying Maya... and finally Bridget gets to be at a family event. Mike Stitch, whom I adore, is directing. Weddings and scenes with many cast members can prove tedious. During our five minute breaks, I get to catch up with the cast when they aren't running lines.  Don Diamont practices Dubsmashing with Heather Tom, hilariously nailing their choices. The wedding is quite the event with emotional performances I'm proud to witness. Obba Bababtunde brought most of us to tears. And not just once, he had to shoot his confrontational scenes with Maya several times. Bravo!

The first day back feels like a family reunion, albeit with a few new faces.  But, it doesn't take long to feel like no time has passed. We get deep quickly. John Mc Cook and I cover A-Z before I leave hair and makeup. Kelly and I catch up on quite literally- everything. Don Diamont gives me life and love advice within minutes of saying hello (he's wise); later, he has me downloading the Dubsmash app.  Heather and I discuss babies, decorating, work and family. Jacob fills me in on his new home life.  We ponder the important questions of the soap genre.  Like, how many times have we been married on daytime television (Jacob got to 10!). I love every minute of it. In typical me fashion, I bring my computer to my dressing thinking I'll have down time to "work," but not once is it opened. I never want to leave the stage. 

Evidently, I was the first cast member to ever bring a selfie stick on set... I have to thank Kaley for that one. Below is a behind the scenes look into our rehearsal. (I always love Kelly's tops. This is one of her own Kaftans.  I want it! Love the way she pairs it with skinny white jeans!)

Uploaded by Ashley Jones on 2015-08-06.