Follow up on GH...

First of all, thanks to everyone that left comments on previous posts or connected on social media.  Even if I haven't commented back, I see them and appreciate the interest. You guys have been supportive throughout the journey of this character (even during my pregnancy!).

I had many of the same questions you all had… How much did Alexis get in Parker’s head? Would Parker have ever written that letter if she hadn’t run into Alexis? Did she really go back to her wife or is she trying to protect Kristina- or both? As an actor, it’s important for me to understand the writer’s intention and work with the director to convey the message to the audience. I also get attached to many of the characters I play and want to protect them. For the taping of this last air show, I wanted to make sure I understood what the writers wanted. At one point, Parker says, “this is a complicated situation.” That was the crux of the scene, in my opinion. Most people have been in relationships that are multilayered and can relate to that. I’ve said before in interviews that I believe Parker loves this girl… she loves her enough to let her go and find her own way. What are your thoughts? Of course, I’m just the actress that gets to make the words come alive. I have no control over future storylines. Looking forward to seeing where this goes! 

ps- guess who I chatted about during my recent visit with Dr. Oz? 

Updated answer: Maurice Bernard! He loves that man!





Back on GH! Episode airs this week!


So, this week on General Hospital, my character Parker runs into Kristina. Quite literally. See what happens. To those of you that have been so kind to comment and tweet or send messages via social media, your support is appreciated.  Thank you! I'll be curious to see what your comments are after this episode. And I will be anxious to share my thoughts, too. This is the first time I've actually called the producer to discuss the dialogue.... I'll explain why. Stay tuned for more after the episode airs! 


Heading back to work....

I was originally on "hold" to go back to GH on May 25th.  The dates got pushed to mid-late June, though. And that worked out well because Hayden decided to join the world May 24th.  So, by the time I went back to taping, Hayden was a little over three weeks old. 

My sweet mom came back to Los Angeles to stay and watch Hayden while I was working. (He's the first grandchild!) I'm blessed to have her. I was able to focus on work knowing he was in perfect hands. (My mom sent me texts keeping me informed on Hayden's favorite one said: Hayden's great-  you go enjoy pretending to be someone else!)  

So, speaking of pretending to be someone else... Parker! I obviously can't reveal story, but I can say I graduated out of my pregnancy jeans into a pretty fabulous black pencil skirt and very high heels. And once again, wardrobe had their work cut out for them... no longer hiding the bump, but hiding any evidence of nursing. 

We taped four episodes with quite an arc.  I'm excited for y'all to see them and curious of the reactions. You'll find out more about this character during this next stretch of shows: more about her past and her personal life. I feel challenged playing Parker; there's an element of surprise. Frank Valentini tweeted about Kristina having to make an important decision, but Parker does as well. Watch it all happen in a couple of weeks! 



I said I would write about the last few experiences taping over at GH. So many of you reminded me of that, I had to follow up. Thanks for your tweets, instagram comments and comments here on this site. I read them. But more importantly, thanks for watching! Stay tuned... I'll be writing more behind the scenes posts.

As @SoapsInDepthABC pointed out in this tongue and cheek blurb above, it's really fun to chat along with you as we discover who Parker is... I thought coffeeshop scenes with Alexis gave us a tiny window into Parker's past and potential struggles with her own family. It's touching to hear some personal stories from those of you that can relate to Kristina, Parker and Alexis. 

I enjoyed working off of Nancy Lee Grahn's Alexis in the coffeeshop scenes. Both characters were forced to show vulnerability and strength. I liked finding the give and take of the scenes. And part of the fun of playing a character like Parker is the unknown. I'm finding out more right along with the audience. Wonder what is next!

Parker is an incredibly different kind of character for me to play. I'm looking forward to the next tape date!!  Leave comments and questions below.... we'll keep the conversation going. xo


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MANY OF YOU HAVE ASKED ABOUT PARKER'S LOOK... so I finally took some notes and pictures preparing for the coffeeshop scenes with Alexis. 

THE MAKEUP : creating a fresh, clean look - click on picture to read more details 

I taped the first episode waaaay back in December before I was showing at all, before I was even telling people I was pregnant.  When we first discussed the possibility of me playing this character, I didn't know a time-frame of tape dates. I let my agents and manager figure out the logistics. But, I quickly realized these episodes would be spaced out... like in real time, allowing storyline to unfold. Normally, that's amazing, but when you have a human growing inside you stretching your belly, that can make for interesting continuity issues!  The first tape date was just a reveal.  Then, everyone went on holiday for A WHOLE MONTH. When I returned to work in January, it was a direct pick up from my first encounter with Kristina. Of course, I was anxious for the writers and producers and wardrobe to know I was expecting. Then, the only other thing I knew to do was make sure whatever jeans I was wearing on the first tape date also came in maternity sizes.  So, I purchased a few pregnancy must haves. I've worn THESE JEANS for every episode! No joke.  They may be an investment, but they worked well for a myriad of scenes, auditions, events... and still are working well into my 8th month. Although no one was telling me I needed to wear any kind of spanx to hide the bump, I actually felt good in them. Early on, I wore regular ones, then I graduated into these maternity spanx (on sale, too). 

Ok, enough for now...Leave a note if you have more questions... I'll keep the conversation going. 

you can shop the post below! Some of my favorite camera ready tricks...


Tomorrow on GH, Alexis gets all Mama Bear on Parker! I'm anxious to see how these scenes turned out. I've been a fan of Nancy Lee Grahn for years, so getting to work with her in this realm was a treat. We both had a ton of dialogue! I loved exploring the arc of these scenes with her, running lines and then taping. Plus, it was fun getting real Mom advice from her because, you know, I'm expecting my first! I'll be posting more about the day and how we are attempting to camouflage the "baby bump" after it airs tomorrow. So, stay tuned... and as always, it's fun to hear your thoughts. I know GH fans are super intense, loyal and opinionated; I will brace myself!