INSTA-FAMILY: the blended life

I met a guy. Well, two guys, actually. One's a bit older than the other. Quite a bit. These guys both have managed to sneak up on me… and I’ve fallen for them equally. What’s a girl to do?

Lucky for me, one is a grown up.  Like, a real grown man, all 6’5 of him. The other one is his son, a three-year-old blond, precocious mess. I don’t have to choose between these two boys, they’re a package deal

Last August, the “package deal” proposes and we get engaged.  We decide not to do a big hoopla, but tie the knot quietly.  I can’t explain the feelings going on inside me, as I’m usually one to scream from the mountain tops. But, this union involves a child.  This union is creating a blended family.  It seems right to keep it sacred and personal. 

New year's eve party 2015

New year's eve party 2015

Until now. Because, first of all, few spell my husband’s name correctly (not hard- Joel Henricks). And his son’s name is Huck Henricks. 


Secondly, blended families are messy, chaotic even. But, they can also be beautiful. Double the love. Double the joy. Joel and Huck suddenly have a woman eager to share her perspective on... well, almost everything.  Stay tuned for stories on the transformation into insta-family.