What? What's that you Say? I'm 3 months old today!?

Today I turn 3 months! I can't tell if mom is excited about this landmark or not... she seems a bit sad. She keeps telling people she can't believe the time went by so fast.  She's getting better at a few things, though. She's starting to understand what I'm trying to communicate to her... there's a big difference between my cry out because I need a diaper change and the cry out when I'm hungry or when I just wanna hang out and chill or play. 

My favorite time is in the morning... we chat for a while. Dad's hilarious. He keeps whispering "DaDa" in my ear, like I'm gonna say that before Momma. As if! Doesn't he know where I get my milk? Gotta take care of the hand that feeds you, you know.  She's working over time to get that good stuff to me, too, poor thing. But, Dad's not giving up. He continues to say "DaDa" to me anyway.  I just smile...humor him, you know.

And there's a mini person named Huck. He's my older brother. He seriously makes me laugh. He thinks we look alike, too. I hope so, he's got great hair. And I can't forget Oscar. He's my buddy. Also my body guard. He follows me wherever I go....and just hangs out near me. 

My grandparents are coming today...so, I better go help mom out. My grandpa is turning 65! It's a big day today. Stay tuned for the photo gallery!