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Couldn’t resist the opportunity to use this title. 

Joel and I have recently been discussing carving out more alone time without the kids, computers or phones. My husband’s job is centered around technology…computers, servers, etc. And he communicates internationally, so often he has earlier or later calls. And I am often using my computer for work centered stuff. 

Alone time: it sounds like such an easy, basic  idea…Just get babysitter we trust and have a date night. Or put the kids to bed a bit earlier and voila! Or take advantage of nap time. Huck doesn’t nap any longer, but every other weekend he is with his own mom.

So, truly, it shouldn’t be terribly hard. 


We had a rainy, cold LA weekend. I just got home from Texas, so this was the perfect weekend to implement our new plan of more alone time.

Best laid plans of staying home watching Academy screeners (this is always a fun time of year when nominated shows are sent out to those of us voting) turn into a little voice popping up from nap early wanting to take advantage of us snuggling in front of the tv with his favorite cozy blanket!! “Let’s watch The Beast! (Beauty and the Beast) or fire truck videos, mommy! Yay, this is so fun,” he says. How can we resist? Family time. (And too often computers sneak back in and we are in the same place we were prior to making our grand plans). 

We resolve to postpone our alone time to a bit later in the evening to watch our own movie. I get Hayden to sleep, straighten up a bit, climb into bed all excited to watch the Green Book. Cut to me STRUGGLING to keep my eyes open. Like for REAL.  

So, today, I got a sitter!! Woo-hoo. We are going to a proper date at the movies later today. With popcorn (and I might have a fountain drink!). 4:15 showing! We’ll be home in time to snuggle with Hayden and get ready for a big week ahead. I have two auditions tomorrow and a big meeting. Married with Children! To the parents out there, what do you do to keep up your relationship with your spouse? Do you have a set date night? How important is this for you? 

note: Hayden DOES wear clothes. He had just taken off his sweater and was lounging near the fireplace (covered and protected, for those that might be wondering;) And forgive the messy kitchen! Plus, do you see the ball under the ottoman in the photo with Hayden? I mean… there are so many balls in my life! Lol.


** Linked a few basics I really like above. This white blanket is one of my favorites. It comes in many colors and is under $30!! Such a great gift. I gave the grey one to my sister two years ago and it has held up SO well. Mine still looks so pretty, even with two boys and a pug!