Summer Sales

I'm working on another post right now for y'all. A health and wellness one. But, I absolutely had to interrupt that to bring you the sales going on right now. Basically, sales during summer are Christmas in July. I have some fun things to share right now, so I'm combining a few posts into one (most items are on sale, but not everything). For those of you that've seen some of this before, scroll right on by the repeats;)

Today, the big one is AMAZON PRIME DAY. I JUST ordered the amazon fire stick with Alexa remote and paid full price (eye roll), and today, it's half off. So, I'll be scrolling looking for practical things I need that are on serious sale today. Not sure how "practical" this is, but I'm thinking about this TV!? What are you scoping out?

Last weekend, I wore this tie-back, polka dot jumper below. Just love it. It's $58. I had it on with red flats (Rothy's), then swiped out for slips that I wouldn't mind getting dirty as I walked through the Huntington Gardens this weekend. Next time, I'll wear it with chucks. Cuter, right?

Moving on.... I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my star cut-out top below that is a conversation starter (and I get stopped by strangers every time I wear it). It is on sale for $20 right now!! Down from $78. (It's also at Nordstrom HERE if they sell out, but it's not on sale there yet). And my sunnies are $14. I mean, no brainer. Too fun. (update: I just saw the sunnies are sold out since my posts with them have gone up, but there are similar ones HERE). And Hayden is also wearing stars!


I've been wearing some bright colored dresses lately. And I love them. Read all about why in the post HERE.  I ordered some more "make-me-happy" pieces that are on sale now and wanted to remind you this yellow lovely item below is also on sale. It's hard to wear it and not smile a bit more. 

Below are the items I think are worth checking out. I have discussed this before and am not shy about admitting how much I love a little help with tricks of the trade (the post is over a year old, so links may need updating, forgive me. I'll work on it soon).  Like, literally squeezing into Spanx or another girdle-like undergarment. I wear them often. I felt smooth and better in this dress HERE IN THIS POST only because I had on these spanx. And they come in petite and plus sizes. How fun and lovely would it be to have a Victoria Secret model body, but alas, that ship has sailed for me! Anyway, I digress. I am sharing because this is the time of year I restock or try a new body shaper. Nordstrom Pre-sale (open freely the 20th to those of us who do not carry their credit card) has items normally not on sale, around 40% off. For instance, these spanx are under $24, but only for this sale. 

This list is random because I am so tired and need to go to bed, but I tried. HA. I have so much more to add for the next post! Love you all. Big Hugs. And know that some of the prices do NOT reflect the sale price. I will work on that. Some pictures do, but not all of them. Ok... night night!



A new year brings out the best in people. Who doesn't love a fresh start? As we resolve to be our best selves, weight loss and healthier living are often part of that resolution. But what about being the best version of yourself IMMEDIATELY like some of our favorite stars?

I read through the emails via the "contact" section of this site and found that many of you inquired about camera ready tips.  On this Golden Globes Sunday, I started thinking back to events I've attended and what it took to get "red carpet" ready. 

After years on daytime soaps and primetime television, I've had time to pick up some smoke and mirror tricks on looking thinner. I've also had great mentors in wardrobe and makeup departments that have taught me well. I thank them for all their assistance! Here's my list:


If you've followed my blog at all, you've heard me discuss my love of "help" with compression undergarments in all stages of my life: pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum and today. These new discoveries in shapewear are not your grandmother's girdle (if you're too young to remember that word, sorry!). I love a smooth look (like this dress in the picture below).


Blend in blemishes (veins, stretch marks, cellulite, brown spots) with a great DIY faux tan. A shade darker can take pounds off. With paraben free options widely available now, there's not a reason in the world to not have a little fun and look like you had a vacation (when you were really just binge watching tv!).

Looking back at this HBO event I attended for TRUE BLOOD, I'm reminded how much a spray tan or a DIY bottle tan can help the overall look. 


This helps take down the roundness in my face if I feel puffy. If you are having any hair loss postpartum, this is an excellent way to camouflage it!


Create cheek bones that may not actually be that prominent. Take what you have naturally and enhance it.


No matter what color your skin is, if your shoes match your skin tone, it elongates the leg. And perhaps the oldest trick in the book is to add inches with a higher heel. Do both and you've sufficiently tricked the eye and taken off some pounds. If you're looking for a designer heel without the designer prices, check out the RealReal


Wearing monochromatic colors is one of my favorite techniques to implement! Wearing one hue from top to bottom means you go shopping in your own closet, too! Put together some of your basic items...mix high end pieces with vintage or inexpensive trends and create a great outfit. 


My savvy friend Ali recently blogged about an outfit and it wasn't until now that I realized it was nearly all monochromatic! Take a look at the post here . She also implemented my final idea....


Ali wore a necklace that commanded attention, drawing the eye up to the neckline. Use this same technique by showing off your favorite part of your outfit or body. Wear a shorter dress if you love your calves or legs, or show off your shoulders with a sleeveless neckline and some statement earrings. 

If you have your own ideas or have questions, we'd like to hear your comments! xoxo






Because you asked! Blue Dress for Baby.

Even though I touched on the dress in another post, so many of you have asked about it via social media, I'm posting about  it again.

When the time came to pick a dress for the shower, I went through several options. In the final hour- and I mean, truly last minute, I wanted to go with blue for the obvious reason. This dress by Seraphine fit the bill.* I learned how to (attempt to) camouflage the bump at work, but for my shower, I wanted to almost enhance it. I was 8 months after all! The cool thing about these ruched dresses (besides all the color options) is how they will stretch while the belly grows, and shrink when the belly shrinks. So, I'll be wearing them postpartum, too.

Here are some other options you'll be seeing on instagram in the weeks to come. And some you've already seen. 

And yes, I'm liking blue right now- see the LookBook below that also includes the  maternity spanx that make me confident enough to wear form fitting dresses by smoothing out the extra bumps (not baby) that come with pregnancy. Okay, let's be honest here... I wear regular spanx even when I'm not pregnant!