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It feels like just a few weeks ago I was writing my “reflections for the 2018 new year.” And, my friends, here we are again. My first blog post of the year. With the Golden Globes last weekend, I looked back on some posts during this time in past years.  I need to implement some of my own tips now! Just so interesting how time works. None of this stuff seems that long ago. But having a baby gives you a direct frame of references as you watch them grow (literally out of their pants and shoes). And from that perspective, so much has happened. 

Today, I just feel a bit tired. I’m traveling with a toddler and haven’t gotten back on a schedule since the holidays. We had family in town, then I came to Texas. I am going to try to be as healthy as possible, but sometimes I just need that Dr. Pepper pick me up! (Diet Dr. Pepper 10 for me. Ugh….it really is so good). Some may judge me, but some may totally understand! What’s your vice? Do you have one you aren’t super proud of but aren’t totally ready to kick yet?

Before I jump to the new year…HOW WAS 2018? Honestly, it’s been a hard year for me and many I know.  But with the hard, much good has blossomed and will continue to grow into something brilliant. I do believe that.

Every few months or so, I feel a deep gratitude and need to thank you all for going on this journey with me. When I read your emails you have written and comments on social media, I feel inspired. Often there are critiques and I appreciate them, even the mean ones!! It all motivates me. 

I promise to go back to lists of ideas you all have given me regarding topics for posts and expand on even more. I have big plans for the year and am ready to take them on! I’m looking forward to the tv projects coming out this year. And, of course, will let you all know if I’ll be on any of your favorite daytime shows soon.

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  1. Cape *not a jacket, but I love it and have worn it a ton 2. Statement Necklace (also have worn it SO often!)

I’ve been reading a few articles and seeing people’s posts that are intended to make you reflect on the upcoming year…. changes you wanna make, etc. A friend of mine asked the reader to think of one word. My word is PROACTIVE. I want to be even more than prepared and ready, I want to be proactive about life. So, I’m praying about that. If I could pick two, the other word would be GRATEFUL. So, maybe I want to be proactively grateful! HA!

What would be your word? I’d really love to know.