The LIST - Part One

I wish someone had just made me get the items on this list from the get-go. But, here I am well into the 9th month and still figuring out the necessities.  I've been asked several times about my "essentials" of pregnancy, so I thought I'd begin a list: a compilation of things I know I will have at the start line for the next baby, Lord willing. These are products/wardrobe pieces I found through trial and error, suggested through friends or purchased myself. Please understand these are opinions I'm revealing based on my own finds.  Always consult your doctor with anything that could affect your pregnancy or personal health. 

1) Sunscreen and Skincare.

I've been using IS Clinical Sunscreen. It's paraben free.  I try to slather it on as much as possible to prevent hyper pigmentation and sensitivity to the sun during pregnancy (and in general).  The brand's Active Serum has been a must have pre- pregnancy for me. I've been using it again to keep breakouts at bay, as my doctor feels it's safe for where I am in my pregnancy. Please consult your OB to figure out what's best and within your comfort zone. I'm also a fan of multi-tackers. Coola Suncare Makeup Setting Spray and SPF 30 is great to keep on hand. Just remember, whatever brand you choose- wear your sunscreen!


2) Stretch Mark Oil

I've used a few different ones throughout the pregnancy.  One thing I didn't understand: I should have started using something the day I found out I was pregnant.  No need to wait till the belly, thighs and buns start to grow. 

These are my favorites.  The Mama Mio is a cult classic. People rave about it the results of it. The cream does peel slightly, so I recommend the oil. My favorite smell was the Mama Bear Lavender Oil.  It dries quickly and without residue. I end up rubbing it all over sometimes- from neck to toes! And I like the Basq Resilient Oil. I like that it's a spray and easy to apply and absorbs nicely. So far, I haven't developed any stretch marks, but I am watching my backside and thighs closely.  I feel like these last few weeks I need to be on top of things, not slacking.  I'm getting so tired at night, it's easy to want to skip steps. ps- I added one very affordable option with Palmers Cocoa Butter. I haven't used this during my pregnancy, but I have heard it works well.  Not everything needs to be such an investment.


3) Maternity Undergarments- ON SALE RIGHT NOW! 

I wear them for work to smooth out the bump (because I was/am playing a character that isn't pregnant), but I also wear them to add a little confidence to my confidence to wear fun knit and jersey fabric body- hugging dresses like these. Even if we don't really need them to "look" better, I like the feel of the support for my belly and back.


4) Favorite Jeans

I didn't want to own a pair of maternity jeans. I may have never bought them if I hadn't needed them for work and auditions. But, I must say, there are times you just want to wear cute jeans that look like jeans- not like what our moms wore when they were pregnant with us! Some of the items on this list are investment pieces  to last throughout the pregnancy (or multiple!) and even postpartum.  

outfit details below... 

Stay tuned for Part Two of The List. And any words of wisdom, tidbits, funny thoughts, etc.- leave a note!