As I’ve mentioned on the blog already, March is National Nutrition Month.  It spurred me to take a look at our pantry and see what snacks we have readily available. I also wanted to make sure they were easy to find and healthy! Although we did a great job making over the pantry last year, it’s a good idea to give it great refresher every 6-9 months. It was the perfect time to go throw a few things out and combine items in baskets. If you’re in need of more than a refresher… like a  FULL BLOWN MAKEOVER valued at $5000!… keep reading! This is NOT a sponsored post. I worked with Rubbermaid® this to spread the word about their giveaway on social media, but this blog post was not a part of it. I just really want one of you to win!! LOL. So, read on and ENTER! Also, I had too much fun organizing with my mini-me (see photos below:) and wanted a place to share all these silly, fun pictures. I’m definitely oversharing here—- there’s so many!

rubbermaid 05-1.JPG

Last year, Metro’s Other Woman came to help with organization and gave a few tips that stuck with me.

1. DO NOT keep boxes. This takes up unnecessary space and you can’t tell when you are running low on commodities. Throw out the packaging and DO KEEP items in containers or baskets. Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ are an awesome solution.
2. DO KEEP “like with like.” For instance, keep all your bars (protein, granola) in one basket (I like wire ones I can still see the items, some people like solid baskets). All the pastas together in containers, crackers and chips, etc…. you get the idea.
3. DO USE Lazy Susans and can holders to maximize space.
4. DO utilize back of pantry door with racks (we haven’t done this yet, but I’m looking into it).
5. DO NOT keep expired items. Check your dates, throw out expired items to create space!

rubbermaid 04.JPG
rubbermaid 01.JPG

Honestly, the first rule of thumb about not keeping boxes will make a world of difference. I created so much extra space, I was able to carve out a section for the kids. Hayden and Huck’s little art cubby was one big messy basket. But now, it looks so creative and inviting, with little kid-friendly snacks. Hayden LOVES to “help” me in the kitchen, so this one way to keep him engaged!

So just in time for that spring cleaning fever, enter the Easy Find Lids™ sweepstakes between March 17-May 5 for a chance to get your dream pantry: There are two ways to enter: with a receipt of a qualifying purchase of Easy Find Lids™ or without a qualifying purchase. All info can be found with that link -> If you have any questions, please comment below and I will get answers for you! In the meantime, start your organizing! Rubbermaid® made these Easy Find Lids especially for me, I swear. Lids are like socks sometimes. They just get lost. These lids are “easy to find” because they are red and snap to the base of the container. They are stackable, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe-- and affordable.  
How often do you go through things in your pantry? It feels SO GOOD to declutter and create space. If you’re one to keep up with organization, what is your top tip to share?

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Some of the BEFORE AND DURING shots below. By throwing out the boxes and combining items in the containers, I created more space.

rubbermaid 02-1.JPG

Pantry and Closet Makeover!


YOU GUYS....! I am thrilled to share my collaboration with Metro's Other Woman. Lemme give you a bit of back story. I met the owner, Sarah Benken, (above with Hayden) and immediately felt an excitement about working with her. The company offers different types of services, from personal and business assistants to room makeovers and even laundry services. I learned about Metro’s Other Woman through the ladies at Good Carma Studios. Women entrepreneurs connecting and building up other women! Amen to that.

I knew I could use the ladies in several areas of my life, but we decided to start with specific spaces. The pantry and surrounding kitchen cabinets were the downstairs focus. Then, upstairs, my side of the master closet got a "facelift." Over the phone and via emails, measurements and inspirational photos were shared. Next, I got to meet Sarah and her her team, Taylor Gladden and Liz Williamson.

Before I launch into the before and after photos, I want to share Metro’s Other Woman’s THREE TOP TIPS for you to implement today:

1. When starting any organization project the first step is to purge In your closet, get rid of anything you haven't worn in 6 months to a year. In the pantry, get rid of any expired items that you've had in your pantry for 6+ months that you haven't used/have no plan to use. Next you want to remove everything from your space and start with a blank slate! When removing, place things with like items so it's easier to put back in the right spots.

2. For smaller spaces we suggest baskets, lazy susans, food storage containers (place bulkier boxed items in food storage containers ie; cereal, pasta, chips, flour/sugar, etc.) Scroll down to see our options. NO bulky boxes!

3. If you can only buy a few new items to organize your space, baskets are always our first choice! You can use baskets to store (in the pantry: snacks, breakfast foods, etc./in the closet:scarfs, purses, hats, etc.) and make it look neater and prettier. Next we'd suggest food storage containers in the pantry, or hooks for the closet. 


Lemme tell you, we took these tips and made such a difference in a fairly short amount of time. I know this is not the first time you have been told to purge, or put “like with like” and see how many scarfs you actually own. But, perhaps something in this post will encourage you to block out time on the calendar and just make it happen. I was shocked how much had expired (oops!) in our pantry. You may remember a few of my instagram stories from the days the girls were here. The pantry and cabinets were completely emptied. Everything was examined to see if it should stay or be tossed (or perhaps not live in the kitchen at all!). OXO sent over the most amazing assortment of their products to seriously organize the pantry and streamline everything. (I'ver been using that word a lot lately...streamline. I think I dream of "streamlining" my life. To be completely honest, I don't even know what that would mean or look like, it just sounds like someone that really has their stuff together, you know?!) 




before image/pantry

The ladies and I got excited about the products from OXO. My husband (don't get too jealous, y'all) unboxed everything, hand washed and dried it all so it would be ready to go for the makeover. We're talking lazy susans, cereal dispensers, canisters, baskets, etc. I linked some of my favorites below from Container Store, but you can find OXO products at a variety of retailers.

The ladies had such a vision...and worked so well together. While one person was color coordinating the upstairs closet (Liz), Sarah was tackling the pantry and Taylor made a Target run to get baskets for pantry and neccesities for the closet. I love these steel baskets with copper handles (see below in a variety of sizes).

When the ladies were done with the pantry, the craziest thing was how much space there was. When you put items in their perfect spaces and remove items that don’t belong, a natural zen begins to happen. I love it and now am addicted. I want to do it to every space in the house. And although I didn't do a huge closet purge, Liz and I conquered a decent amount quickly. I was ready to be honest and face some facts about where I am in life today. Not years (and pounds less) ago. (I still have WAY too many things I'm holding onto, but I'm making progress will pat myself on the back for that!) One thing that makes me feel good about purging is the thought of giving my favorite pieces from yesterday a new life. Someone else (often my sister) will make memories wearing these items. And women's shelters are a fantastic place to donate, too. I feel great about thinking someone might wear my favorite jacket to a job interview and work it!!


I love how Taylor found certain items at Target that were repurposed for our closet. Like the kitchen lid organizing rack (top shelf in photo- only $10) that now holds my clutches! So genius!! Slim, space-saving hangers are a closet’s dream! Baskets and shelves were added to the shoe organizers (my mom made me put those in!) to tidy up even more.

Thank you, Metro’s Other Woman. I look forward to the next project!! I know we have quite a bit of work to do in the house still yet (hello, garage!), but WHAT A START!!

Check out their website HERE…also, take a look at their KNOWtribe magazine introducing you to influential women from cities they are currently highlighting! And they will most likely be in your city soon.