I just realized I never published this post I wrote months ago WHEN I FIRST STARTED AT GH.  So, better late than never....

In makeup and hair, I caught up with people I hadn't seen in a while. Kirsten Storms- thanks for being so sweet about the baby (and offering not only your support, but your baby gear on set if and when the time arises)! Maura West- so warm and down to earth and welcoming. And Frank Valentini, thanks for your support and guidance. I love how "hands on" you are!

A picture with new friends from #GH. Now, how can Parker run into these guys?


Every time I play a new character in a film or a guest star on an established show, it makes sense that I'm entering a new world. It's expected.  You would think going from one soap to another is a no-brainer, but even though the medium is the same, there  are differences.  

I've had opportunities to play many characters over the years in tv and film, but Bridget on B&B has been the most consistent. The whole experience becomes second nature after years of taping. You learn a great deal about the other actors and crew, not only personally, but they way they work professionally. For instance, you learn how the lighting directors light certain sets. Or what director will shoot you from specific angles- high or low (this is a big deal for kissing scenes and double chins!). You learn which actors like to run lines where and when... where they hang out before they shoot if you need to find them.  You get in a rhythm with makeup (for me, it's a collaborative effort) and hair.  Wardrobe knows your body and what your preferences may be--- ok, you get the point.

Then, you start a different show, on a different stage, with a different crew, with different actors.  It's an adjustment. The daytime community may be an extremely small world, but it doesn't mean that we all know each other first hand. I "knew of" Lexi and Nancy, but did not know them. So, there's an element of surprise working on big scenes together. And I love that. It makes me feel alive.  

The other fun tidbit about the show is the baby boom that's happening there (like in my personal life). There's no shortage of people discussing their family life. Having to hide the pregnancy could have given me so much anxiety, but everyone was lovely.