MILK + BOOKIES anyone?

How life changes quickly! I used to run into other actresses at auditions or events and we would swear to schedule a time to grab "lunch" or get "a drink soon."  Now, we make plans to catch up over cookies and milk at a kid's event. Not even joking. 

I've heard about this great charity, Milk and Bookies, since 2010 and wanted to get involved. Now that I'm a step-mom to Huck, the charity takes on a whole new meaning.  He is almost four and really loves reading. (One of the requests the hostesses gave each guest at my shower was to bring a book as the "card"-- Huck has really been enjoying this creative, thoughtful idea.) This event inspires children to read as well as give back to those who may not have a library of cool, new books. You can purchase a book, sign a card to stick inside, and donate the book to less fortunate children. The organization inspires philanthropy at a very early age. 

As we took in the story time space (well known faces and voices were scheduled to read books throughout the day- so cool of them to donate their time and creative energy), Huck got to meet literary characters roaming around. He was not clear on Where's Waldo (we will be reading the book soon!), but flipped out about meeting Captain Hook. Somehow, even wearing this dress, (which also comes in amazing colors for fall) I got roped into quite a few activities. Check out the website & get involved if you can. I'm only touching on a small tidbit of what this national organization accomplishes throughout the year. Happy Reading!