I’m all about the “mini” things in life right now! Mini-workouts when you need to squeeze them in and “mini” water filters when you’re in tight places. (This will make sense if you keep reading! lol)

I need a pick-me-up this week. Like an natural energy booster. When I don’t have time for a full workout, I’m trying to remind myself there are plenty of small “mini-workouts” I can do throughout the day that add up big time.

This is a basic, easy one that we can all do anywhere, anytime, wearing anything. Find a wall and stand up straight against it. As you lower your body, step your feet out until you are at a 90 degree angle. If you need to start at a slightly higher angle, it still works! I didn’t need to explain that, it’s pretty self explanatory;)

Once you get to the point where you can tolerate, start counting. Sometimes, if I’m home, I’ll have Alexa play a song and I will do my best to make it through. I never get through the whole song, but that’s a goal. You won’t believe what even 15 seconds does! I started at 3 sets of 15 seconds, working up to 3 sets of 60 seconds. It gets my heart rate up, muscles working and I end up downing some water!! Always a plus (see some NEW MINI WATER FILTER INFO BELOW).


Now, that’s just for a pick me up. If I were incorporating into a workout, I’d add hand weights, lunges (ugh, but so good for us) and cardio.


I might enjoy posting pictures of my jogs or hikes or post yoga fatigue, but I’m not fitness guru (yet!). I wanted to share my favorite feeds to follow on social media to get me motivated:


@erinoprea (we were on Dr. OZ together, that’s how I know her!!)


@anna_ paquin (YES, that Anna I know from my time on True Blood, now she’s on THE AFFAIR. She is a cross fitness inspiration when she posts about that stuff.)


Who do you follow? Also, if you have a favorite song for cardio, will you leave below? Compiling a list. I wanted to do this a year ago and never did. I know there are sharable abilities on apple, amazon prime and spotify, so we will find a way to share the “mix tape.”

AND I HAVE TO SHARE ABOUT MY LATEST WATER FILTER ADDITION, of course! I have loved working with Home Master Filters and this latest addition to our house has me just as excited. It’s a mini for over the counter!! It fits in my purse!!

Did you catch the live on facebook? If you missed here, you can watch here:



Perfect for tiny houses, shared spaces, travel, dorm rooms, and flexible living

Home Master® Mini Faucet Filters

Home Master® Mini Faucet Filters Compairison Chart

 Home Master® Mini 1CCB features all the performance and long life of a full-sized countertop filter, at the price of faucet filter. It delivers a full year's worth of filtered water for all your drinking, cooking, pet watering and veggie washing needs. The filter may be Mini, but it's a Big Purifier™ with a stout 1-micron catalytic carbon block that removes up to 99%: dirt and rust; chemicals like chloramines, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and THMs, that create foul tastes and odors in your tap water. Dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium minerals (TDS) are not removed. For lead removal use Mini model PLUS

Easy DIY install -- fits on faucets with a removable aerator tip (does not fit on sprayer faucets) • Easily removed •Highly portable • Filter changes are clean and easy with no wrenches required • BPA Free • Made in USA

  • Typical filter life: 1500 gallons or 1 year whichever comes first.

  • The Home Master® Mini 1CCB Replacement filter is the MF1CCB – just $25.00 every 1,500 gallons or once a year

  • Home Master® Sinktop Faucet Filters do not work with pull-down sprayers.

  • If someone’s main faucet has a different adapter than the one provided with the Home Master® Sinktop Faucet Filters, you can purchase one or all of the Home Master® Sinktop Faucet Adapter Pack.

The 1CCB Faucet Filter helps filter for Chloramines and more. Depending on the one’s water supply and what someone is looking to filter out, can change which Mini Faucet Filter to get.

 The Home Master® Mini Faucet Filters do not remove fluoride. If someone is looking for a sinktop filter that helps filter for fluoride they can consider the Home Master® Countertop Filter Line, in particular, the Home Master® Jr. F2 Elite (TMJRF2E)
I’m thrilled to have this portable one for our laundry room upstairs and to carry along when I’m filming on location, but I still love our under the counter, RO system. See the previous blog posts for info on those below.

Don’t forget to use code ASHLEY so they know to give you free shipping and your free second year filter as a gift with your RO purchase or ASHLEY2019 Whole House filters THROUGH MAY 1ST ONLY!!! (Only RO systems or whole house filters receive the free gift, FYI).

I’ve already received some feedback from those of you that called and spoke to customer service! There’s a reason HOMEMASTER® Filters is so highly rated- their products speak for themselves, but also the service is impeccable.

I feel like this is really two posts in one, so I may separate them later. Just getting it all out there asap. If you get a water filter, you HAVE to let me know your thoughts. Let me know here in the comments!!!

Off to a busy day. I’m hosting an event tomorrow here at the house, so getting ready for that.