It's been three weeks since Hayden was born! I'm writing this at 4:30 am in between feedings. It's ironic that as sleep deprived as I am, sometimes I can't sleep! But, good news for y'all because I'm sharing my latest and greatest find for summer.  

I could not be more obsessed with this top.  It's "on trend" right now with the off the shoulder aspect, however it's also a piece I will wear for years. Stripes are not only slimming, but classic.  I'll wear it with white shorts or skinny jeans for summer events. (How perfect for a upscale 4th of July event? Or even just with flip-flops and shorts for a picnic). I wore it for a photo shoot two days ago and had to keep it/buy it!  The top is cleverly reversible, allowing for several different looks-- it's worth the investment. 

Above is a shot of it tied in the back. It's both classy and flirty with the off the shoulder aspect. If you tie it in the front, with higher waisted pants or shorts, you don't have to reveal too much skin.

ps- comes in solid white, too. And notice the white cuffs if you decide to roll the end of the sleeve up.