HOSPITAL SHORT, the items I should have had in the hospital!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I packed my bag at the last minute.  I'm glad I managed to get a few necessities thrown in.  I've been talking to my girlfriends that are about to follow suit (read about it all under written blog) and made a list for them, so I thought I should share with anyone else in the same boat! 


Chic, comfortable pajamas to wear are key  (hospital garb may be functional, but it's heinous, let's face it).  You're going to want functional AND something that is pretty. These come with matching outfits for baby and a robe (with pockets!). Read more about why I chose these HERE.


I was pumped with a ton of fluid during labor and post labor.  If you're anything like me, it can take a few days for the swelling to go down.  I should have worn these socks more than I did. Once I got home, my ankles and legs were really swollen. These on-trend chevron and striped socks  (come in different colors) with no-slip tops provide compression to reduce minor swelling and foot fatigue, while cushioned soles and arch support pamper soles.  

3) LOTION for YOU and BABY

The hospital can be dry and cold.  It was so nice to have lotion for my own skin that I could also feels safe using on Hayden. Even if I didn't use it on him, I didn't want what I used to rub off on him if it wasn't safe for baby. This smells just like you want a baby to smell... so divine.

4) Cozy Shoes

I came in tennis shoes.  So glad I brought my own house shoes to wear as I walked around the hospital (which they encourage you to do occasionally).   I attest, they really are comfy.  

5) Miscellaneous Items...THAT WE FORGOT!

*coins or dollar bills for vending machines *extension cord and chargers (so your phone won't be charging across the room!)    *pen and paper for notes   *protein bars or favorite snacks  *nail file  *hair brush *bar soap*hair bands  *hair dryer (I never used one, but some do)  *portable wireless speaker if you want music from your phone *lanolin for the breasts  

OTHER ITEMS I'M GLAD I  DID HAVE:  *facial wipes  *deodorant *makeup bag *lipbalms and easy to apply lipsticks