TAKING THE PLUNGE- swim wear for swim lessons!

My girlfriends and I are about to start swim lessons for the kiddos. I was thrilled for Hayden to be a part of it all until one of my girlfriends asked what suit I was wearing. Suit, I thought? Why would I need to wear a suit to watch Hayden swim? And then it dawned on me... a bathing suit!! Duh. I would be getting in the pool, too, sometimes! Unless you're Heidi Klum or Giselle (or my tv mom Katherine Kelly Lang!!), I don't know a ton of new moms that are dying to wear a bathing suit in front of people. 

I'm scheduled to start shooting again soon (yay!- will be excited to share), so it's not a bad idea for me to get in better shape, but for the time being- it is what it is.

Needless to say, you whip out the coverups and towels and sunscreen and make it work. Anyone else in this boat, new mom or not? Then, I started to go through my swimsuits and realized, not a ton of them are mom appropriate (including the one in this picture- oops!). I want to find more options, so I pulled together some one pieces (from lower cut to more modest options) and cover-ups at decent prices for my friends and I to choose from, but I have a feeling we're not the only ones going through this delimma. I'm sharing here, too. 

If you have a great option, please share! I'd love to add it to the list;)

ps- when I'm jean shopping or bathing suit shopping, free shipping and free returns never sounded so good!


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