YOU GUYS.... I asked you all what your favorite old, new and up and coming apps were and you all answered! So, I've slowly been doing some research and trying them out (even wrote about them in the Soap Digest article on stands now where I'm also highlighting the apps Ographr and Helpr). I want to share the ones you may not have heard me talk about yet starting with HEAL.

I wrote about 1 second everyday in THIS post here, the app that (in my opinion) is reinventing the home video diary. OGRAPHR is changing the way we document the events in our lives and HELPR is transforming the work/family balance with childcare. Now, (in my humble opinion) I think HEAL is re-humanizing the way we see doctors through modern technology. In Soap Digest, I mentioned all the reasons I would love to have an in-home doctor's appointment. I read the reviews. People are overjoyed by Heal's highly vetted, certified doctors and the ease of not having to leave the house while ill. If you're a parent with young children, you know how frustrating and exhausting it is to have to lug the kiddos to the doctor while sick (and expose them to germs in the waiting room) or bring them to the pediatrician when they already have a compromised immune system. I'm often in different locations filming and need someone quickly to come "heal" me for shooting the next day. Heal will be a godsend! And let's face it, people in general are babies when they are sick! The last thing my husband wants to do is leave the house if he's under the weather.

I often find it interesting who is "backing" these new ventures. Fidelity ContraFund, the Ellison family and  Lionel Richie are a few of the investors that believe in creating a more personal and convenient experience for patients and doctors.

The doctor visits you in the comfort of your own home 12 hours a day, 365 days a year and even takes insurance! If you're not covered at the moment, it's $99. To get started, download the app, then go to "register." You can put your zip code in to see if HEAL is offered in your area. If it currently is not, you can sign up for an email notification when it will be serving your area! Let's get this in more cities. It's a great service that will serve us all when we are in a pinch. For more info, visit heal.com


Please let me know if you try it or have tried this new trend of in home doctors?? Hope you all have a great weekend and keep in touch. You know I love hearing from you all. 



IN 1 second EVERYDAY, make a movie of your life

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THIS IS TOO FUN not to share. I learned about this app 1 SECOND EVERYDAY from my girlfriend Ali Fedotowsky and she did not lead me astray. 

First of all, one of the fun topics that comes up in conversation lately is 'what are your favorite apps?' I've been asked this so many times! Now, I'm asking YOU what your favorites are? I actually decided to put some of my favorites in the SOAP DIGEST column that will be out soon. Once I hear back from you all, I'll have a great list to put up here on the blog for all of us.

I've been using this app so much recently, I couldn't wait to share it. No matter your age, you will have a reason to download 1 second a day. This app is reinventing the home movie/birthday footage/ college party/ summer vacation.... 

1second screenshot

I have about 50K photos/videos on my computer. Embarrassing, I realize. I am doing something about all of that- (different story), but what really bugs me is having them behind cold metal on my laptop or on external hard drives…. I’m getting better at making books and printing, but this app takes it up a notch. It takes moving snapshots of our lives and strings them into a movie! (I am sharing the last couple months of Hayden's below).


1 second a day doesn’t sound like you’re capturing much (only a second after all), but get ready to be blown away! Especially if you’re a mother capturing family moments with the littles. You can go back in time and add seconds from a certain time period, but what’s really a great time saver is the “roll the dice” feature. For instance, I can go back to January and the app will randomly pick seconds from every single day. If you love their choices, you can keep the selection, or you can edit them (plus, you can now add an extra second to the days that are that special). I love getting in bed at night and “rolling the dice.” It's amazing what pops us. 


As a mom, this app has brought so much joy and relief. Let me explain…. some days I just feel like I’m not writing down every change Hayden makes or new experience. I’m sure you get the picture. Especially first time mothers. Plus, I want to do the same thing for Huck! We naturally are capturing a ton of video and photos with our cell phones because we can. But let’s not just let them sit there on these machines! This app did the rest of the work for me. And if I have a bit more energy, I will add a journal entry to a selection. It’s a new feature they added. Plus, I have multiple projects going on- one for Huck, etc. I can’t wait to play Hayden and Huck’s movie at their 2nd and 6th birthdays. Wow. I haven’t written that down yet—— 2 and 6. Time just keeps going. But, at least I have these seconds from the days of our lives. Ha;)

$4.99 for iPhones and free for android. If you’re like me, I sometimes balk at spending anything over 99cents on an app. Yet, I’m often caught at the coffeeshop paying $4 for a pick-me-up. Or dropping money on valet, etc. So, lemme do the contemplating for you…. if you are debating- just purchase the app. Looking forward to your thoughts and potentially new tips and how I can get more out of it! I’m still learning. If you wanna hear more about the creator's back story, check it out HERE

And looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Plus, lemme know your favorite apps in the comments below. xoxo