The Unicorn Factor


I. Love. This. Top. I don't think Unicorns were ever not "on trend," but they seem to be more prominent right now. I love the reminder that being different is better... being uniquely YOU. And believing in the impossible. After all, impossible really spells - I'M POSSIBLE. 

This top just makes me happy. It's subtle and fun at the same time. When people realize you're wearing unicorns, it's sparks a smile and fun conversation piece. I wanted to post this back when it was readily available, but alas, life became very full. (More on that in another post soon). You can only get it here now, but the silver lining is that it's $30 now on sale! Free shipping both ways, so if you're looking for early Christmas gifts, or a fabulous layering piece for fall (looks GREAT under sweaters and jackets), I'd jump on it NOW. It's selling out as we speak. Of course, the temperature is in the low 80s, upper 70s here in the valley today, so I'm fine wearing it as is! Hoping fall kicks in permanently soon, but at least it's cool early in the morning or late at night;) 

I'm completely into oversized denim jackets. I'm forever cold in restaurants or office buildings, etc. And of course, at night. I like to keep a jacket with me. I've written about that in other posts recently, ironically, also about unicorns-- for Unicon. The jacket I'm wearing is an XS, FYI. I like the top under the jacket with a chunky necklace peeking through. The necklace I'm wearing is already sold out, but I will look for other ones that would work if people are interested. The first one (that I wear all the time) that comes to mind is THIS ONE from Baublebar.


HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A MAGICAL WEEKEND. Thank you for visiting the post and, as always, love any comments or questions.  XOXO