Effortless & Extremely Budget Friendly Pieces (under $30!)

Left to my own devices, I would be in yoga pants everyday. Nothing wrong with that, by the way! I could easily blame that on being a new mom, but the truth is, I've been like this forever. I like getting dressed up for certain occasions, but usually, I'm looking for something with less effort. I've been wanting to step it up just a tiny bit so I don't feel frumpy. I've studied some of my favorite stylists and watched what stylists have done for me on shows, too. Accessories can be your best friend. Sometimes just a statement piece like a scarf and some chunky earrings will do wonders. On days like today where I'm running an errand with the baby, then have a work meeting, I want something that is comfortable, but still looks put together. More importantly, I love pieces that are affordable so I don't care if it gets spit up on it!


A go-to uniform for me:

I love v-neck tees and THIS ONE has become my favorite. At $19, it's hard to go wrong, but this one went really right. It comes in a ton of colors, too. I'm wearing a medium. It's a perfect, relaxed fit on me. And gives me just enough room to easily breastfeed, which leads me to the scarf!

Light, breathable scarves are great cover ups for while breastfeeding. This one is under $30 (and extremely soft- take a look at the reviews!), so I'm less concerned with it getting messed up. The print pops and makes a statement without being too bold. This scarf may sell out, so you can also get it HERE!

These earrings I'm wearing in the photo are on sale for only $20 right now.  I love the colors for fall and winter. I also saw this pair for $20 that are very similar.  


Here are some other cute, affordable ideas:

Have a great Monday! xo  Ashley  

ps- let me know your thoughts! Especially other ideas from nursing moms;) 

Mother's Day Out

My mother recently came in town last week  (thank the Lord) to help while I went back to work filming GENERAL HOSPITAL- check back for more info in a post soon.  Hayden turned one month old.  Read more HERE about the reality of the first month.  We managed to have one outing together with the baby.  We were on a mission to finish the nursery (I can't wait to share it all with you!).  


I'm wearing my first ever NURSING topI didn't think I'd need or want one, but let me tell you, when it came time to feed Hayden, it was so nice to simply unzip each side and discretely nurse.  I haven't had the easiest road this first month with breastfeeding, so things that make it easier are welcomed!

Plus, I got several compliments on my "adorable" top - with pockets!  It's flattering without being too tight (I'm wearing an XS and there's still room). It comes in red, too. I'm picturing wearing this again in the spirit of 4th of July  with these sandals and white shorts - maybe a red purse! This day, I added my favorite go-to Ippolita silver Earrings to dress up the look with flats and jeans.



NO MORE CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK! What items are saving me (and my milk)!


First of all, I'm grateful I can breastfeed at all. I know it's a privilege.  With that said, it's been an incredibly trying, challenging, emotional roller coaster. For me and my husband! Sleep deprivation is a real thing! Although it hasn't even been a month, there are a few key materials I wish SO MUCH I had utilized from day one in the hospital. I'm back to work today!!  And these products have helped me save extra milk for Hayden. This is simply my experience... I'm obviously not a doctor (even though I play on one on B&B- ha!), so do your own research and find what is best for you. 

First off, I've had issues. I'll write more in another post for those that are curious of my experience, but to spare you the morbid details, I'll just say my nipples got so raw, I couldn't breastfeed.  I was still pumping, but it hurt. Badly. Finally, I listened to my mother and bought breast shields. Immediately, I was able to go back to breast feeding with Hayden.  It doesn't take away all the pain, but it lessens it by about 75%.  (***Please note: before you use these, do your own research. I believe they can help temporarily, but over time, could lessen your supply of milk.)

                         Medela Breast Shield

                        Medela Breast Shield

Secondly, my husband did his own research and ordered me Milk Savers.  After seeing how desperate I was to produce and save milk, it crushed us to see wasted milk in breast pads or dripping down my clothes.  When I would nurse on one breast, the other one would leak quite a bit.  It would've saved me  a ton of grief, pain and spilled milk!  You know the saying... no sense crying over spilled milk? Well, let me tell you. I've shed a few tears over wasting this precious liquid gold.  Every girlfriend (nursing or about to try nursing) I have told about this product wants it!

While the Milk Savers are great while I'm nursing or even around the house, I am using breast shells inside my nursing bra occasionally between feedings. They collect excess milk and it can really add up. (TIP: if you use the lids with ventilation at the top, be careful when you lean over--- it will spill out!!). This is an easy way to collect milk when you aren't feeding or pumping. Plus, at least for my situation, it protects the nipples while they are healing.  I really used them mainly for that. I didn't love collecting milk in them.

Below, I rounded up the products that have helped me the most with breastfeeding.  I added my favorite nursing bras, too.  They are priced low to high (some, in my opinion, high).  But, so far, the ones I've chosen are worth the money.  (ps- click on each picture if you're interested because some items on sale are not reflected in this post, but will show up when you click).  I'm still in shock how quickly they get messed up and need washing... one minute we're good and the next... oops! We're leaking! Anyhow, check it out... and please--- this takes a village, if there are products you highly recommend, PLEASE leave a comment.  

Check out the nursing tops I have used the most. To read more about nursing, or see where I was wearing some of these, type NURSING in the search box at the top right. You'll see more posts!